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1341 Frames of Love and War

Ran Tal, Israel, 2022, 90min

For a year and a half, Israel’s most celebrated war photographer Micha Bar-Am allowed director Ran Tal to enter his vast archive of over half a million negatives. Composed entirely of images that Bar-Am took over more than fifty years, 1341 Frames of Love and War reveals the enormous price that comes along with documenting atrocities and wars. "The most horrible things are sometimes aesthetic," says Bar-Am. The movie provides an intimate portrait of an artist and a meditation on memory, violence and identity. It is a complex love letter to the power, beauty and horror of photographic imagery.

20.11, Sunday | 15:00 | Muzeum POLIN

A Brief History of Us

Ofra Kobliner & Etgar Keret, Poland, 2021, 7min

“A Brief History of Us”, based on the new story of Etgar Keret, is an allegory of relationship. The film deals with a couple who have gone so long together that they almost became one. Over time, they find it difficult to separate from each other. The movie is a part of the WJFF SHORTS PROGRAM: “To Everything There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose”.

19.11, Saturday | 16:00 | Muzeum POLIN

ARABESKA – Where Food And Love Meet (Anachnu al HaMapit)

Oded Lotan, Israel, 2022, 60min

An episode of the popular culinary series dedicated to the Arabeska restaurant from Haifa, opened by a Jewish-Arab gay couple. The restaurant, run by likable owners with a colorful past, attracts crowds. The protagonists share the secrets of their favorite dishes and promote their vision of achieving peace through sharing food. A tasty treat for every cooking aficionado.

20.11, Sunday | 15:00 | JCC Warszawa / JCC Warsaw

Bad Nazi, Good Nazi / Lessons from Mitch

Chanoch Ze'evi , Israel, Germany, Poland, 2021, 65min

Discover the story of Wilm Hosenfeld, a Nazi officer who saved the pianist from Roman Polanski’s remarkable film. Recent findings have revealed that over the course of the war he actually saved about sixty people, Jewish and Polish alike. Before joining the Wehrmacht, Hosenfeld was principal of the school in the German village Thalau, which is currently debating if he should be remembered as a local hero. Many residents would rather not deal with the questions his story raises about their past. Others want to commemorate [...]

14.11, Monday | 17:00 | Muzeum POLIN


Roman Shumunov, Israel, 2021, 105min

A fascinating story of Leonid Bernstein, Ukrainian Jew, who was a partisan battalion commander during WW2. He was responsible for destroying the development facility of the terrifying Nazi V-2 rocket, the last hope of Hitler to change the outcome of war. But beyond the medals, lies a wonderful story of a young Jewish orphan who becomes a leader, survives against all odds and succeeds to preserve his identity.
In an old house in the modest neighborhood of Kiryat Ata, neighbors did not imagine that the old man who live[...]

20.11, Sunday | 17:00 | Muzeum POLIN


Tahir Rana, Éric Warin, Canada, France, Belgium, 2022, 92min

Featuring the voice of Keira Knightley as Charlotte, this is a heartbreaking tale of overcoming family hardship during a horrific time. With stunning artistry, Canadian directors Éric Warin and Tahir Rana bring justice to their subject’s work and deliver a powerful story of determination. This stunning animated drama brings to life the remarkable true story of Charlotte Salomon, an enigmatic young German Jewish painter who created a sprawling masterpiece in the face of both private turmoil and sweeping global cataclysm[...]

17.11, Thursday | 20:15 | KinoGram


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