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reż. Ferenc Török, Węgry 2017, 91’

OPENING CEREMONY On a summer day in 1945, an Orthodox man and his grown son return to a village in Hungary while the villagers prepare for the wedding of the town clerk’s son. The townspeople – suspicious, remorseful, fearful, and cunning – expect the worst and behave accordingly. The town clerk fears the men may […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum Polin


reż. Jonathan Geva, Izrael 2015, 90’

WJFF KIDS. Is there anyone here who doesn’t like movies? – workshop for families with the screening of “Abulele”,dir. Jonathan Geva, Israel 2015, 90’, animated feature film  (kids 7-12 years old) „Abulele”, which main character, 10-year-old Adam befriends monster with a big heart, will be the starting point for conversation and activities using different plastic […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum POLIN

After Auschwitz. The Stories of Six Women

dir. Jon Kean, USA 2016, 83’

“You’re free. Go home”. Most Holocaust films end with these words, the very words that survivors heard at liberation. But After Auschwitz is not a typical “Holocaust” film. After Auschwitz is a “Post-Holocaust” documentary that follows six extraordinary women, capturing what it means to move from tragedy and trauma towards life. In watching the struggles […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | POLIN Museum

Ben-Gurion, Epilogue

reż. Yariv Mozer, Izrael / Francja 2016, 70’

CLOSING CEREMONY POLISH PREMIERE In the great depths of the archive, six hours of interview footage was discovered of one of modern history’s greatest leaders-David Ben-Gurion. It is 1968 and he is 82 years old, five years before his death. He lives in his secluded home in the desert, removed from all political discourse, which […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum POLIN


reż. Tehila Peter Dansker, Izrael 2016, 19’

A young girl’s search for the father who abandoned her as a child leads her to his present home and the discovery that he is now an ultra-Orthodox Jew. Language: Hebrew, Subtitles: Polish, English 28 NOVEMBER, TUESDAY, JCC WARSAW, 6:00pm.

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | JCC WARSZAWA

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