In Your Eyes

Barak Heymann, Israel, 2019, 56min

The film follows the less-known aspects of the lives of four “web stars” –Israeli YouTubers: Moti Taka, one of the busiest singers in Israel today, who visits Ethiopia for the first time with his mother Dalia. Suzi Boum, aka Lior Israelov, a successful, well-known drag queen, who was born and raised in a religious family in southern Tel Aviv. Chen Halfon, a 25-year old mother of three, who is one of the few orthodox YouTubers in Israel. Hannah Ziad, an Arab YouTuber with about half a million followers, who reveals a complex family story about her father’s death.

20.11, Friday | 20:00 |

The Form / Le Formulaire

Filip Flatau, France, 2020, 53min

Filip Flatau's mother had a secret: as a child, she was saved from the Warsaw ghetto and hidden among Polish peasants until the end of the war. As she refused to speak to him about it, Filip found at Yad Vashem, the international institute for the memory of the Shoah, a form allowing to honor this family which saved him by declaring them "Righteous among the Nations" . It was during the writing of this form that her mother's tongue gradually loosened. A quest for truth which pushes Filip and his mother in Poland, on the traces of this past buri[...]

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |


Shany Azoulay, Rutger Knol, Netherlands, 2020, 20min

The documentary Lone Soldier tells the story of the nineteen-year old Rebecca: a Jewish Dutch girl who decides to exchange the safe city of The Hague for the army of Israel. Rebecca leaves for a place where she doesn't know anyone, to fight for a country where she has barely been. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Israel to become part of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are called 'Lone Soldiers'. Currently, little is known about the group, mainly because the Israeli army brings out little information. This documentary tells the story of Rebecca, but also that of thousands of others.

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |

Love Rituals: In Israel

Jascha Hannover, Germany, 2019, 45min

German author and presenter Charlotte Roche travels to Israel in search of love rituals and traditions. She encounters an age old belief that there is a soul mate for every person, somewhere in the world. You just have to find them. Every year at Tu Be´av hundreds of young Jews go on pilgrimage to receive a blessing in prayer to help quickly find the Bashert - the God-destined partner, the absolute soulmate. God "gave" or made available such a Bashert for every person before birth and it is the task of a religious Jew to find it as quickly as possible. Why? Because one of the highest Jewish principles is the foundation of a family.

16.11, Monday | 20:00 |

Man on the bus

Eve Ash, Australia, 2019, 84min

How does it feel to spend entire life hiding something of great importance from your loved ones? After her mother’s death Australian psychologist and TV producer Eve Ash decided to investigate her seemingly perfect family’s past. Her parents were Holocaust survivors from Poland who started anew in distant Australia. Poring over photos, documents and recordings, interviewing relatives in Europe and USA Eve uncovered all the lies and was forced to rewrite her entire life. This extraordinary documentary proves that truth is easily stranger than fiction.

16.11, Monday | 20:00 |

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