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The Oslo Diaries

dir. Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan, Israel / Canada 2018, 97’, documentary, competition

POLISH PREMIERE On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Peace Accords, and in the context of Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, comes an in-depth documentary on a small group of Israelis and Palestinians who met in Norway—secretly and against the law—to try to bring an […]

14.11, Środa | 20:45 | PRAHA Cinema

The Outer Circle

dir. Adam Baroukh, UK 2017, 13’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE Midway through a gruelling Orthodox conversion, Daniel and his fiancée Katherine are eager to gain the blessing of his intimidatingly large and loud Iraqi Jewish family. At their annual Rosh Hashanah feast, Katherine’s natural elegance and ‘English English’ heritage immediately endears her to them, but it soon becomes apparent that beneath the warm […]

17.11, Sobota | 12:00 | POLIN Museum

The Prophets (Hanevi’im)

Israel 2018, documentary short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE Jerusalem Film Workshop presents: The Prophets (Hanevi’im), Israel 2018, short documentaries The Jerusalem Film Workshop is a unique and exciting program offering creative young filmmakers from all over the world the opportunity to hone their filmmaking skills whilst also exploring the land of Israel. Over the course of 6 weeks, students will create short […]

14.11, Środa | 18:00 | JCC WARSAW

The Rolling Ground

dir. Simon Cunich, Australia 2018, 14’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE A cassette tape and a map send Sarah into the unforgiving Snowy Mountains and into the puzzle of her family’s past. Language: English, Hungarian. Subtitles: English, Polish. 17.11, SATURDAY, POLIN MUSEUM, 16:00, screened before the “BUDAPEST NOIR” movie

17.11, Sobota | 16:00 | POLIN Museum

The Waldheim Waltz

dir. Ruth Beckermann, Austria 2018, 93’, documentary, competition

THE WALDHEIM WALTZ is a film about truth and lies or “alternative facts”. About individual and collective consciousness. “Waldheim no, Waldheim no” shouts a crowd in the center of Vienna in 1986. Ruth Beckermann was one of the activists trying to prevent the election of Kurt Waldheim and documented the political events with her camera. […]

13.11, Wtorek | 19:00 | PRAHA Cinema

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