FILMS 2019

THE HEBREWS: The Raven – Ze’ev Jabotinsky

dir. Ayelet Ofarim, producer Yair Qedar, Israel 2015, 60 min, documentary, bio

The Raven is a touching and exciting portrait of one of Israel’s most contradictory figures. Born in Odessa, Jabotinsky was a brilliant writer and passionate spokesperson for Russia’s ethnic minorities. Eventually refocusing his energies and skills to the Zionist cause, he established the controversial Revisionist Party. While Jabotinsky is often memorialized as a key founder […]

24.11, Niedziela | 14:00 | The Center for Yiddish Culture

THE HEBREWS: Black Honey, the Life and and Poetry of Avraham Sutskever

dir. Uri Barbash, producer: Yair Qedar, Israel 2018, 76 min, documentary

The incredible story of Avraham Sutskever, the greatest Yiddish poet, who saved manuscripts from the Nazis, survived WWII due to Stalin’s special rescue plane, testified in the Nuremberg Trials, and died anonymously in Tel Aviv. As long as Abraham Sutzkever lived, he wouldn’t let a film about his life be made. Today, eight years after his […]

23.11, Sobota | 17:00 | POLIN Museum


dir. Guy Nattiv, USA 2018, 118 min, drama

POLISH PREMIERE. After a difficult childhood drives him into the grasps of a white supremacist gang, Bryon Widner (Jamie Bell, delivers a visceral, explosive performance) tries to escape to a new life, questioning whether he’s capable of undoing the evil he’s done. Turning his back on hatred and violence means undergoing painful and expensive operations […]

22.11, Piątek | 20:00 | HELIOS Cinema

The Fiddle (Der Fidle)

dir. Asher Schwartz, Israel 2018, 8 min, animated short

On a lonely slanted roof, a hunched figure plays the fiddle for the people of Anatevka. But this fiddler did not always sit on the roof. Come to think of it, he didn’t always have a fiddle to play either. Based on Sholem Aleichem’s short story “The Fiddle”, this is the story of Sholom, the […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | POLIN Museum


reż. Shira Porat, Izrael 2018, 18 min, krótka fabuła

Sivan arrives to Lodz, Poland with her short film that was selected to compete in a festival. Being a film student she imagines herself walking on the red carpet and networking with producers. In reality, however, Sivan has to acknowledge the humongous gap between her and the glorious filmmaker of her dreams. Language: Hebrew, English, […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | JCC Warszawa

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