Nir Berger, Israel, 2019, 25min

A dark romantic comedy in the age of social media. The film features no spoken dialogue, as its protagonist communicates solely through text messages. Adele is an aggressive, self-conscious 17-year-old girl who spends most of her time "trolling" (i.e insulting) her classmates online. When she is hit on by another internet troll, Uri, they flirt until he urges her to send a picture in which she is actually visible. But instead of sending her own picture, Adele sends Uri a picture of a random pretty girl from Syria – sparking another unexpected relationship.

21.11, Saturday | 16:00 |

Tree #3

Omer Ben-Shachar, USA, 2019, 20min

After he's been cast (again!) as a background tree in his annual middle school play, an ambitious and imaginative Israeli immigrant boy leads a revolution on stage that his intolerant drama teacher will never forget.

21.11, Saturday | 16:00 |

White eye (AYN LEVANA)

Tomer Shushan, Israel, 2019, 21min

An ordinary situation transforms into a social drama providing insight into the reality of the contemporary Israel, although it could have happened in many corners of the world, too. By accident, the protagonist finds his beloved bike, stolen a month ago. Trying to get it back he launches a chain of events that will soon make him radically question his own actions. Blame in "White Eye" turns out less unambiguous than it seems at the beginning and the punishment is more severe than the crime that was committed. Who really committed it, the apparent thief or the just man? Difficult questions and apt observations gain dynamics thanks to the form of the story, which is narrated in one take. (Cracow FF)

17.11, Tuesday | 16:00 |

Who WIll Write Our History

Roberta Grossman, Poland, USA, 2018, 95min

In November 1940, days after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, a secret band of journalists, scholars and community leaders decided to fight back. Led by historian Emanuel Ringelblum and known by the code name Oyneg Shabes, this clandestine group vowed to defeat Nazi lies and propaganda not with guns or fists but with pen and paper. Now, for the first time, their story is told as a feature documentary.

Written, produced and directed by Roberta Grossman and executive produced by Nancy Spielberg, Who Will Write Our [...]

11.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |

Winter Journey

ANDERS ØSTERGAARD, Denmark, Germany, 2019, 90min

”Winter Journey” is based on American radio host Martin Goldsmith’s book about his Jewish parents, who fled Nazi Germany. Both were talented musicians, but after the Nuremberg Laws were enacted in 1935 they were only able to perform as members of the Jewish Cultural Federation, a bizarre propaganda organization fully controlled by the Reich Chamber of Culture. This film brings to life the reality of their beautiful and painful love story, using remarkable and ingenuously edited archive material. It also includes reenactments of the conversations Goldsmith had with his father as preparation for the book. Martin Goldsmith plays himself, as the unseen interviewer, while a vulnerable Bruno Ganz is playing his father Georg. It was Bruno Ganz’ last part before he died in 2019.

17.11, Tuesday | 20:00 |

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