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More Alive than Dead

reż. Tzachi Schiff, Izrael / Argentyna / Francja 2017, 66’

POLISH PREMIERE Some say he’s a genius: That he was a hundred years ahead of his time; That he released humanity from the shackles of oppression, religion and hypocrisy. Others say he swindled “his” theories from others; that he was a con-man and a greedy liar that actually polluted humanity’s moral values. This film exposes […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum POLIN


reż. Tehila Peter Dansker, Izrael 2016, 19’

A young girl’s search for the father who abandoned her as a child leads her to his present home and the discovery that he is now an ultra-Orthodox Jew. Language: Hebrew, Subtitles: Polish, English 28 NOVEMBER, TUESDAY, JCC WARSAW, 6:00pm.

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | JCC WARSZAWA

Forgotten Sense

reż. Tomasz Wiśniewski, Polska 2017, 1’

The old man remembers jewish song, but he does not understand what it means… Language: Polish, Yiddish. Subtitles: English, Polish 25 November, SATURDAY, POLIN Museum, 2:00pm

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum POLIN

West of the Jordan River

reż. Amos Gitai, Francja / Izrael 2017, 84’

Amos Gitai returns to the occupied territories for the first time since his controversial 1982 documentary Field Diary. Gitai drives to the West Bank, where he witnesses the efforts of citizens, Israelis and Palestinians, trying to overcome the consequences of the 50-year occupation. West of the Jordan River shows the human ties woven by human […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum POLIN

For the Sins

reż. Aleksander Marten, Polska 1936, 69’

1916, small Jewish town in Lesser Poland during the Great War. Leon Anton, a young Jew and Austro-Hungarian officer gets killed at the front, leaving pregnant Estera, rabbi’s daughter. The girl runs away from home, abandoning newborn baby and leaves for America. After many years she comes back to try to find her daughter. „Za […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | Muzeum POLIN

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