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In Search of Israeli Cuisine

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A portrait of the Israeli people told through food. Profiling chefs, home cooks, farmers, vintners, and cheese makers drawn from the more than 100 cultures that make up Israel today – Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze. The guide of In Search of Israeli Cuisine is Michael Solomonov, the James Beard award winning chef and owner […]

16.11, Friday | 18:00 | MINDSPACE

The Warner Brothers

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An intimate, epic story created by Cass Warner the granddaughter of on of the founders of the Warner Bros. studio: courageous Harry Warner; honest Abe; visionary Sam; and volatile Jack—four pioneering brothers who built an empire on a dream and revolutionised Hollywood. Told through the eyes of family members and people who knew them and includes […]

18.11, Sunday | 12:30 | POLIN Museum

Winter Hunt (Winterjagd)

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POLISH PREMIERE The psychological thriller WINTER HUNT tells the story of a family as a dark chamber drama on the Schwäbische Alb. The film is about a young girl (Lena, 25) who enters the mansion of family Rossberg. Anselm Rossberg (91), a former Auschwitz guard lives here with his daughter Maria (48). Lena attacks Anselm […]

16.11, Friday | 19:00 | PRAHA Cinema

A Tramway in Jerusalem

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A Tramway in Jerusalem is a situation comedy that juxtaposes stories and human situations in the context of the current Israeli Palestinian society in 2018. In Jerusalem the tramway connects several neighbourhoods, from East to West, recording their variety and differences. The film brings together a whole mosaic of human beings unfolding in this city […]

18.11, Sunday | 14:30 | POLIN MUSEUM

On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi

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POLISH PREMIERE Roman (Popi) and Ruth (Nani) Blank are Holocaust survivors, who have been married for 65 years, but at age 95, Roman reveals a secret to his family that tests their seemingly invincible union – Roman is gay and Ruth has been aware for the majority of their married lives. This film chronicles their […]

16.11, Friday | 21:00 | PRAHA Cinema

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