1341 Frames of Love and War

Ran Tal, Israel, 2022, 90 min

For a year and a half, Israel’s most celebrated war photographer Micha Bar-Am allowed director Ran Tal to enter his vast archive of over half a million negatives. Composed entirely of images that Bar-Am took over more than fifty years, 1341 Frames of Love and War reveals the enormous price that comes along with documenting atrocities and wars. "The most horrible things are sometimes aesthetic," says Bar-Am. The movie provides an intimate portrait of an artist and a meditation on memory, violence and identity. It is a complex love letter to the power, beauty and horror of photographic imagery.

20.11, Sunday | 15:00 | Muzeum POLIN

A Brief History of Us

Ofra Kobliner & Etgar Keret, Poland, 2021, 7 min

“A Brief History of Us”, based on the new story of Etgar Keret, is an allegory of relationship. The film deals with a couple who have gone so long together that they almost became one. Over time, they find it difficult to separate from each other. The movie is a part of the WJFF SHORTS PROGRAM: “To Everything There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose”.

19.11, Saturday | 16:00 | Muzeum POLIN

Birth Right

Inbar Horesh, Israel, 2019, 24 min

Birth Right is a comic drama that tells the story of Natasha, a young Russian woman, who is participating in an organized trip to encourage immigration of Jews to Israel. On the second day, the group arrives to the desert. Two Israeli soldiers join them for the night and the girls all fall for Shlomi, the handsome combat soldier. When Natasha manages to catch his attention by revealing her weird plan to stay in Israel right after the trip, her friends grow jealous and things turn ugly. This is a story about the universal need to feel a sense of belonging while Natasha’s personal narrative clashes with the national one, presented by the groups’ tour guide.

21.11, Saturday | 16:00 |

Hen And the War

Adam Wyżyński, Barbara Głębicka–Giza, Poland, 2020, 44 min

Writer Jozef Hen recounts crucial moments of his wartime experiences - bombardment of Warsaw in September ‘39, escape from German invaders to USSR, service in the Red Army, life in Samarkand, subsequent escape to join Anders’ Polish Army. Almost all these events were later utilized in Hen’s screenplays. In the documentary biographical anecdotes have been confronted with fragments of the ‘60. movies “Don Gabriel”, “Unknown”, “No One is Calling”, “April”, “The Cross of Valour”. From Hen’s stories emerges figure of the Wandering Jew, miraculously saved from carnage, pondering over twists of fate and contemplating the world and human beings with gentle detachment.

20.11, Friday | 20:00 |

Hollywood’s Second World War

Jascha Hannover, Germany, 2019, 90 min

“Hollywood’s Second World War” unveils how film directors of European origin shaped US propaganda during World War II. The film tells the story of four prime Hollywood directors, who returned to the „old continent“ during the war to shoot propaganda documentaries for the US Army. It concentrates on Alsace-born William Wyler, Frank Capra, who was born in Sicily, Anatole Litvak, who stems from the Ukraine and Galicia-born Billy Wilder, whose work took place right after the defeat of the Germans. These four men - three of them of Jewish ... read more

16.11, Monday | 20:00 |


FILM SCHOOLS FROM LODZ & ISRAEL, Poland, Israel, 2016-2019, 62 min

“In the footsteps of…” -- is an ongoing project of Sapir Collage in Sderot and Łódź Film School. The goal of this project is the cooperation of animation students of both schools and creation of short animated etudes made with the use of different techniques. During these artistic meetings participants will use motives deriving from the art of canonic authors, whose work had a significant impact on Polish and Jewish culture. Until now four workshops took place alternately in Łódź and Sderot, in the south of Israel. Applied technique ... read more

19.11, Thursday | 19:00 | Online


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