The Form / Le Formulaire

Filip Flatau, France, 2020, 53min

Filip Flatau's mother had a secret: as a child, she was saved from the Warsaw ghetto and hidden among Polish peasants until the end of the war. As she refused to speak to him about it, Filip found at Yad Vashem, the international institute for the memory of the Shoah, a form allowing to honor this family which saved him by declaring them "Righteous among the Nations" . It was during the writing of this form that her mother's tongue gradually loosened. A quest for truth which pushes Filip and his mother in Poland, on the traces of this past buri[...]

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |

Comrade Dov

Barak Heymann, Israel, 2019, 75min

Goddamned communist. Internal enemy. Privileged Tel Aviv Ashkenazi. It seems Dov Khenin has been called almost everything during his 13-year tenure as Member of Knesset for the Jewish-Arab party ‘Hadash’. For years, director Barak Heymann has been following this leading legislator, creating a film that examines the open wounds of contemporary Israeli society: from the forced removal of the residents of Givat Amal to turbulent meetings of the Knesset’s Finance Committee, and down to the violent events at Umm al-Hiran. "Comrade Dov" is a surprising, thought-provoking portrait of a unique politician, who refuses to give up even as reality deals him one cruel blow after another.

17.11, Tuesday | 18:00 |

Einsame Helden

Peter Hartl, Germany, 2020, 43min

They preserved their humanity in inhuman times. They opposed state organized crime with their civil courage. Carefully estimated, 20 000 Germans helped Jews to escape the assassination plan of the Nazis. The documentary, tells some of their stories. Among the people portrayed is the then popular film actor Hans Söhnker who hid persecuted Jews while he was to be seen on the screens of the Nazi film business. Even functionaries of the regime such as Major Karl Plagge or civil engineer Helmut Kleinicke saved Jews from death. Research by ZDF autho[...]

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |


Mark Rosenblatt, UK, 2020, 14min

London, 1962. 6-year-old Ruthie loves to play with the cleaner Lynn. Their friendship will fall apart within two days, however, when Ruthie, scared by a dark tale from her mother's past, begins to suspect Lynn of theft. GANEF (Yiddish "thief") subtly portrays the long-lasting and devastating impact of inherited trauma.

16.11, Monday | 20:00 |

Szklane negatywy / Glass negatives

Jan Borowiec, Poland, 2019, 39min

In the year 2010 an extraordinary discovery was made in Lublin’s Old Town. In the attic of a historic building workers came across 2700 photos on glass plates. The collection portrayed people who lived in Lublin almost 100 years ago. Author of the film together with Tal Schwartz, volunteer from Grodzka Gate – NN Theater Center, set off to find answers who made the photos and who were the people captured on them. Their investigation leads them to Israel.


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