My Polish Honeymoon (Lune de miel)

dir. Élise Otzenberger, France 2018, 88 min, comedy drama

POLISH PREMIERE. Packed with charm and laughter, this delightful comedy follows recently-married Parisian couple Anna and Adam as they head off on a belated honeymoon to Poland, leaving their baby in the hands of Anna’s parents. Whilst Anna hopes to find out something of her family’s history, Adam is more interested in having a few […]

22.11, Piątek | 18:00 | HELIOS Cinema


dir. Guy Nattiv, USA 2018, 118 min, drama

POLISH PREMIERE. After a difficult childhood drives him into the grasps of a white supremacist gang, Bryon Widner (Jamie Bell, delivers a visceral, explosive performance) tries to escape to a new life, questioning whether he’s capable of undoing the evil he’s done. Turning his back on hatred and violence means undergoing painful and expensive operations […]

22.11, Piątek | 20:00 | HELIOS Cinema


dir. Nejemye Tenenbaum, Mexico 2019, 29 min, documentary short

Successful in so many aspects, Israel hasn’t been able to answer the most crucial question of its existence: what to do with 4.2 million Palestinians stranded in the West Bank and Gaza. Is it possible to prolong military occupation, without compromising democratic, Jewish and civic values? Festivals, awards: American Documentary FF Palm Spring 2019 Language: […]

19.11, Wtorek | 17:00 | JCC WARSAW

No Promised Land

dir. Raphael Bondy, Switzerland 2019, 52 min, documentary

POLISH PREMIERE No Promised Land tells the story of four young Jewish Ethiopians facing an identity crisis as their community experiences exclusion in what they expected to be their new-found homeland in Israel. Teacher Benny and fashion designer Lemlem immigrated to Israel with their parents. Social activist Inbar and stand-up comedian Shlomo were born in Israel. […]

23.11, Sobota | 13:00 | POLIN Museum

ZIVA POSTEC, The Editor Behind the Film Shoah

dir. Catherine Hébert, Canada 2018, 92 min, documentary

POLISH PREMIERE. Although she remains in the shadow of Claude Lanzmann, Ziva Postec was an indispensable part of the project. She dedicated six years of her life (1979 – 1985), to constructing the right pace and sequence for 350 hours of footage documenting the “extermination process.” Postec recalls the gargantuan nad painful task for Catherine […]

23.11, Sobota | 14:45 | POLIN Museum

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