Hen And the War

Adam Wyżyński, Barbara Głębicka–Giza, Poland, 2020, 44min

Writer Jozef Hen recounts crucial moments of his wartime experiences - bombardment of Warsaw in September ‘39, escape from German invaders to USSR, service in the Red Army, life in Samarkand, subsequent escape to join Anders’ Polish Army. Almost all these events were later utilized in Hen’s screenplays. In the documentary biographical anecdotes have been confronted with fragments of the ‘60. movies “Don Gabriel”, “Unknown”, “No One is Calling”, “April”, “The Cross of Valour”. From Hen’s stories emerges figure of the Wandering Jew, miraculously saved from carnage, pondering over twists of fate and contemplating the world and human beings with gentle detachment.

20.11, Friday | 20:00 |

Image of Victory

Adi Mishnayot, Israel, 2019, 29min

Uri, the director’s brother, was injured during the 2014 Gaza War and found himself transformed from being a self-described “leftist-traitor” to a “national hero” almost overnight. Image of Victory follows Uri’s hospital recovery, personal visits from high profile politicians, entertainers and celebrities ranging from Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon to supermodel Bar Refaeli. The film shows how a private family hardship is turned into a public spectacle, and offers an inside critical look into the way war as a state of mind is shaping Israel as a nation.

17.11, Tuesday | 16:00 |


Shany Azoulay, Rutger Knol, Netherlands, 2020, 20min

The documentary Lone Soldier tells the story of the nineteen-year old Rebecca: a Jewish Dutch girl who decides to exchange the safe city of The Hague for the army of Israel. Rebecca leaves for a place where she doesn't know anyone, to fight for a country where she has barely been. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Israel to become part of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are called 'Lone Soldiers'. Currently, little is known about the group, mainly because the Israeli army brings out little information. This documentary tells the story of Rebecca, but also that of thousands of others.

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |

Masel Tov Cocktail

Arkadij Khaet, Mickey Paatzsch, Germany, 2020, 30min

Ingredients: 1 Jew, 12 Germans, 50 ml Culture of Remembrance, 30 ml stereotypes, 2 teaspoons of patriotism, 1 teaspoon of Israel, 1 falafel, 5 Stumbling Stones, a dash of antisemitism Directions: Put all ingredients into a film, bring to boil and shake vigorously. Then garnish with Klezmer music. Consumption: Light before serving. Enjoy at the cinema. 100% kosher.

17.11, Tuesday | 16:00 |

Moshe and Amira

Eliot Gelberg-Wilson, UK, 2020, 14min

Moshe and Amira are a couple. He is from a Jewish family, she from a Muslim one. The day comes when they have to face their parents meeting. And while parents get along splendidly, Moshe and Amira take a quick walk around the block and are confronted with a racist incident; their own different reactions test their relationship.

17.11, Tuesday | 16:00 |

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