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Delegation (Ha-Mislahat) – CLOSING NIGHT

Asaf Saban, Poland, Israel, Germany, 2023, 99 min

WARSAW PREMIERE. CLOSING FILM! Being a teenager isn't easy. Being a teenager from Israel can be even more challenging, especially when one is on a trip aimed at encountering tragic history. On the edge of adulthood - Nitzan, Frisch, and Ido - travel with their peers to a country where the mass extermination of Jews took place in Nazi concentration camps, aiming to pay due tribute of remembrance to the victims of these crimes. This journey alters them fundamentally, highlighting how enormous historical tragedies and the minor dramas of daily life can interrelate with each other. Meeting with filmmaker Asaf Saban and Polish producer KOI STUDIO!

29.10, Sunday | 19:00 | Muzeum POLIN


Michał Kwieciński, Polska, 2022, 125 min

Frankfurt 1943. The titular character, Filip, is a typical cosmopolitan and a seducer incapable of deeper feelings. In Poland, he lost his entire family. Being in Nazi Germany, he hides his Jewish origins and often escapes death. He works as a waiter in a restaurant of an exclusive hotel, carelessly enjoying all the luxuries of life surrounded by beauty, women, and friends from all over Europe. However, when the war begins pick up bloody harvest among those close to him, the intricately built world around him crumbles like a house of cards. Soon, allied bombers will wipe this bustling Tower of Babel off the earth. The film was made based on a screenplay inspired by Leopold Tyrmand's novel of the same title.

27.10, Friday | 20:15 | KinoGram


Guy Nattiv, UK, USA, Israel, 2023, 100 min

POLISH PREMIERE, OPENING NIGHT FILM Faced with the potential of Israel's complete destruction, Prime Minister Golda Meir must navigate overwhelming odds, as millions of lives hang in the balance during the tense 19 days of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. On October 6th, 1973, under cover of darkness, on Israel’s holiest day and during the month of Ramadan, the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan began a surprise attack on the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. Surrounded, isolated, and frustrated by the infighting of her all-male cab ... read more

23.10, Monday | 19:00 | Muzeum POLIN


Moshe Rosenthal, Israel, 2022, 100 min

A new playboy neighbour causes a great commotion in an apartment building in a Tel Aviv suburb. Enchanted residents succumb to the magic of his karaoke set, but it's a well-known fact that appearances can be deceptive!
Meir and Tova lead a quiet life in a posh apartment building. But after years of marriage, they are deeply bored with each other. The unbearable monotony of their existence is shattered by a new neighbour. Itsik, a modeling agent, comes from the glitzy world far far away. With his arrival, miracles start to happen: the nightli ... read more

26.10, Thursday | 18:00 | KINO MURANÓW

Kidnapped / La conversione / Rapito

Marco Bellocchio, Italy, France, Germany, 2023, 125 min

WARSAW PREMIERE. In this gripping historical drama, legend of Italian cinema Marco Bellocchio looks back at a case that began in 1858, when six-year-old Edgardo Mortaro was forcibly removed from his Jewish family on the basis of the Catholic authorities’ claim that he had been secretly baptized as an infant and must therefore be raised as a Catholic. Papal law is unrelenting, and despite the protests of the Jewish community, the boy is taken to Rome, where he is given a Catholic education. This story of a family divided becomes intertwined with the process of Italian unification, the rebellions against the rule of Pope Pius IX, and the Church’s desperate attempts to hold on to its unlimited power.

28.10, Saturday | 19:00 | Muzeum POLIN

March 1968

Krzysztof Lang, Poland , 2022, 117 min

Hania studies at the State Higher School of Theatre in Warsaw. One day, she attends a theatrical premiere of Dziady (Forefathers’ Eve) by Adam Mickiewicz, a literary work that is an expression of the deepest patriotic feelings, an image of the nation's suffering in captivity and an image of the struggle against an invader. The then government believed that "Dziady" was an allusion to its ruling and it may instigate uprisings. At the premiere, Hania meets Janek, a student of the university of technology. Their meeting is the beginning of great ... read more

26.10, Thursday | 19:00 | KinoGram


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