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Mir Kumen On („Children Must Laugh”)

dir. Aleksander Ford, Poland1936, 60 min

POLISH-YIDDISH CINEMA. A SPECIAL PROGRAM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH FINA Filmoteka Narodowa – Instytut Audiowizualny. Warsaw, 1930s. The life of Jewish lower class in tenement flats, musty cellars and the work of the people occupying those areas are a day to day observed by Jewish children. The health of Jewish workers is really bad. Tuberculosis, also […]

23.11, Sobota | 14:00 | The Center for Yiddish Culture

My Name Is Sara

dir. Steven Oritt, USA, Poland 2019, 111 min, drama

CLOSING NIGHT! Warsaw Premiere! Based on the true-life story of a 13 year-old Polish Jew whose entire family was killed by Nazis in September of 1942. After a grueling escape to the Ukrainian countryside, Sara steals her best friend’s identity and finds refuge in a small village, where she is taken in by a farmer […]

24.11, Niedziela | 19:00 | POLIN Museum

TO LIFE! (Auf Das Leben!)

dir. Uwe Janson, sccreenplay Thorsten Wettcke, Artur Brauner (idea), producer Alice Brauner, Germany 2014, 95 min, tragicomedy

The retrospective of Artur Brauner’s films – the laureate of Honorary Camera of David 2019. Strokes of fate have taken their toll on the ageing cabaret singer Ruth and the seriously ill young Jonas. Yet despite their great age difference and their entirely opposite lifetime experiences, they form an intense bond and give each other […]

19.11, Wtorek | 20:00 | CZARY Cinema

Those Who Remained (AKIK MARADTAK)

dir. Barnabás Tóth, Hungary 2019, 83 min, drama

POLISH PREMIERE. Official Entry (Hungary) Best International Feature 2020 Academy Awards. Having survived the camps, 42-year old Aldo lives a solitary life as a doctor in Budapest. 16-year-old Klara lives reluctantly with her great-aunt, holding on to hope that her father and mother will return. She meets Aldo, and soon the two of them find […]

21.11, Czwartek | 18:00 | Helios Cinema

THE PAINTED BIRD (Nabarvené ptáče)

dir. Václav Marhoul, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine 2019, 169 min, drama

Official Entry (Czekia) Best International Feature 2020 Academy Awards. A dramatic story about a six-year-old Jewish boy during World War II, who suffers unimaginable cruelty at the hands of the inhabitants of an anonymous village somewhere in Eastern Europe. “The main theme of ‘The Painted Bird’ is the problem of otherness. You don’t have to […]

20.11, Środa | 20:00 | HELIOS Cinema

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