Narrative & Documentary short films


dir. Jonathan Fred Schneider, USA 2018, 34’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE Cultural mosaic Brooklyn. When a young Hasidic Jew gets caught listening to his bohemian neighbor through the basement air vent, his carefully planned future threatens to unravel. Should he follow his curiosity for the world behind the wall, and miss his engagement party, shutting the door to the only world he knows? Language: […]

17.11, Sobota | 12:00 | POLIN Museum

The Outer Circle

dir. Adam Baroukh, UK 2017, 13’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE Midway through a gruelling Orthodox conversion, Daniel and his fiancée Katherine are eager to gain the blessing of his intimidatingly large and loud Iraqi Jewish family. At their annual Rosh Hashanah feast, Katherine’s natural elegance and ‘English English’ heritage immediately endears her to them, but it soon becomes apparent that beneath the warm […]

17.11, Sobota | 12:00 | POLIN Museum

The Driver is Red

dir. Randall Christopher, USA 2017, 14’, animation, documentary short, competition

WARSAW PREMIERE Set in Argentina 1960, this true crime documentary follows the story of secret agent Zvi Aharoni as he hunted down one of the highest ranking Nazi war criminals on the run.   Language: English. Subtitles: Polish. 17.11, SATURDAY, POLIN MUSEUM, 14:00, screened before “ACCOUNTANT OF AUSCHWITZ” movie

17.11, Sobota | 14:00 | POLIN Museum

Adieu My Beloved

dir. Susan Shulman, Canada 2017, 3’, animated short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE In 1900 an 18 years old Russian Jew immigrates to Canada by boat and writes his beloved a letter. Language: English. Subtitles: Polish. 18.11, SUNDAY, POLIN MUSEUM, 12:30, animated short, screened together with the “Warner Brothers” movie

18.11, Niedziela | 12:30 | POLIN Museum

An Old Score

dir. Naor Meningher, Israel 2016, 20’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE In Tel Aviv of the 1950’s Tzvi is a police detective responsible for interrogating “kapos” – Jews accused of assisting the Nazis during the Holocaust. Tzvi investigates the case of Yehiel Ingster, suspected of having been an extremely cruel and sadistic kapo. But as Tzvi begins to interrogate him, doubts arise and nothing […]

18.11, Niedziela | 16:30 | POLIN Museum

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