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Michał Kwieciński, Polska, 2022, 125 min

Frankfurt 1943. The titular character, Filip, is a typical cosmopolitan and a seducer incapable of deeper feelings. In Poland, he lost his entire family. Being in Nazi Germany, he hides his Jewish origins and often escapes death. He works as a waiter in a restaurant of an exclusive hotel, carelessly enjoying all the luxuries of life surrounded by beauty, women, and friends from all over Europe. However, when the war begins pick up bloody harvest among those close to him, the intricately built world around him crumbles like a house of cards. Soon, allied bombers will wipe this bustling Tower of Babel off the earth. The film was made based on a screenplay inspired by Leopold Tyrmand's novel of the same title.

27.10, Friday | 20:15 | KinoGram


Grzegorz Habryn and Aneta Wawrzoła, Poland, 2023, 50min

The Pinkus tenement house gives rise to Kościuszki Avenue - the central thoroughfare of downtown Łódź. Before the war, the owners and residents looked out of its windows at the Reform Synagogue opposite. This is one of the many memories of Henryk Panusz, the grandson of Mendel Pinkus - the builder of the largest 19th-century tenement house in Łódź, a retired professor of molecular biology and a social worker. "Genius Loci" is a story about how great dreams and achievements are intertwined with the inexorable reality of the history of the[...]

29.10, Sunday | 13:00 | JCC Warszawa / JCC Warsaw

March 1968

Krzysztof Lang, Poland , 2022, 117min

Hania studies at the State Higher School of Theatre in Warsaw. One day, she attends a theatrical premiere of Dziady (Forefathers’ Eve) by Adam Mickiewicz, a literary work that is an expression of the deepest patriotic feelings, an image of the nation's suffering in captivity and an image of the struggle against an invader. The then government believed that "Dziady" was an allusion to its ruling and it may instigate uprisings. At the premiere, Hania meets Janek, a student of the university of technology. Their meeting is the beginning of great[...]

26.10, Thursday | 19:00 | KinoGram

My Neighbour Adolf

Leon Prudovsky, Israel, Poland, Columbia, 2022, 96min

Colombia, 1960. Marek Polsky (David Hayman), a lonely and grumpy Holocaust survivor, lives in a remote Colombian village. He spends his days playing chess and taking care of his beloved rose bushes. One day, when a mysterious elderly German (Udo Kier) moves into the house next door, Polsky begins to suspect that his new neighbor is none other than... Adolf Hitler. Since no one believes him, he starts his own investigation. However, to gather information, he will have to get closer to his neighbour than he would like - so close that the two might almost become friends. If only one didn't suspect the other of crimes against humanity.

25.10, Wednesday | 20:00 | KinoGram


Eli Rudovsky, USA , 2023, 9min

Set in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, a Jewish and Eastern European neighborhood where my family has roots, “Runaway” is a short fiction film that tells the story of a teenager and his estranged father. The idea for the film emerged from a deep interest in relationships between fathers and sons—in the wisdom that's shared, and in the secrets that are kept across generations. Writer, director, and editor: Eli Rudavsky. AFTER THE SCREENING MEETING WITH FILMMAKER!

29.10, Sunday | 16:30 | Muzeum POLIN

The Assembly: A New Musical Film

Hershey Felder, USA, 2023, 95min

The Assembly, a film written and directed by Hershey Felder and filmed in Poland, was inspired by the work of Holocaust survivor Eva Libitzky, who lost all of her family in the Holocaust during World War II. For the last 40 years of her life, Libitzky made it her mission to tell her harrowing life story at hundreds of school assemblies to ensure the young people of America never forget what happened in Europe 80 years ago. Libitzky passed away at 97 in 2021, but this new film featuring these eight students will carry on her legacy.


29.10, Sunday | 16:15 | Muzeum POLIN


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