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ARABESKA – Where Food And Love Meet (Anachnu al HaMapit)

Oded Lotan, Israel, 2022, 60min

An episode of the popular culinary series dedicated to the Arabeska restaurant from Haifa, opened by a Jewish-Arab gay couple. The restaurant, run by likable owners with a colorful past, attracts crowds. The protagonists share the secrets of their favorite dishes and promote their vision of achieving peace through sharing food. A tasty treat for every cooking aficionado.

20.11, Sunday | 15:00 | JCC Warszawa / JCC Warsaw

Memory Forest (2 episodes)

Roman Shumunov, Israel, 2022, 2 x 35 min

A group of teens embark on a trip to Poland and the concentration camps for an up-close lesson on the blood-soaked history of WWII. It is there, supposedly in the wrong place and time, that love blossoms between two young people: Shani, a cynical, distant teen who can't tap into the emotions that are surfacing and Kobi, a young beautiful man who deems this journey a mission.
During this program we will present 2 episodes of this newest mini series created by ROMAN SHUMUNOV! AFTER THE SCREENING MEETING WITH THE FILMMAKER !
Roman [...]

19.11, Saturday | 18:30 | TAUBE CENTER


MUSIC Atanas Valkov, Poland, 2022, 60 min

Music from the iconic series „The King“, Canal+ production, will be played live in the POLIN Museum on Saturday. On November 19th in the Audytorium we will experience the performance of multiinstrumental band conducted by composer Atanas Valkov. Concert is a special event during the 20th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival „Camera of David“.

Soundtrack of „The King“ is a synergy of Jewish and Slavic sounds enriched with a touch of contemporary music and minimalism of the underscore illistration music. Apart from classical instru[...]

19.11, Saturday | 20:30 | Muzeum POLIN


Janusz Majewski, Poland, 1967, 45min

Two handed chamber piece about a middle aged woman who returns from the camps after WWII and meets the mother of her deceased husband. Unable to explain the truth about her husband’s death, Joanna weaves a web of lies to comfort the old woman. In time she is forced to involve more and more people who know of his fate. Starring: Ida Kamińska, Aleksandra Śląska, Andrzej May. Before the screening meeting with a film expert and the presentation of life and work of IDA KAMIŃSKA - A Polish Jewish theatre actress and director. Ida Kamińska was the most outstanding – next to her mother, Ester Rachel Kamińska – actress of the Yiddish theater.

19.11, Saturday | 16:30 | Muzeum POLIN

The Dybbuk (Der Dibuk)

Michał Waszyński, Polska, 1937 , 111min

The Dybbuk (Yiddish: דער דיבוק, Der Dibuk; Polish: Dybuk) is a 1937 Yiddish-language Polish fantasy drama directed by Michał Waszyński. It is based on the play The Dybbuk by S. Ansky (1914). Dybbuk by Michał Waszyński is often considered the best Yiddish film in the history of cinema.
In this mystical tale of star crossed lovers and supernatural possession, two friends tempt fate by betrothing their unborn children. Years later when the pledge is broken and the couple’s love is thwarted, Channon the young lover (Leon Lieb[...]

20.11, Sunday | 14:00 | Muzeum POLIN

The Prince and the Dybbuk

Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski, Poland, Germany , 2017, 80 min

Who was Moshe Waks, son of a poor Jewish blacksmith from Ukraine, who died as Prince Michał Waszyński in Italy? Was he a golden boy of cinema, a cunning fraud or a man who couldn't distinguish between the illusion of film and reality? As a director and Hollywood producer, Waszyński made over 40 films and worked with major movie stars including Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Orson Welles. His true obsession, though, was The Dybbuk or Between Two Worlds, directed by Waszyński in 1937 and based on an old Jewish legend in which a young wom[...]

20.11, Sunday | 16:30 | Muzeum POLIN


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