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FILM SCHOOLS FROM LODZ & ISRAEL, Poland, Israel, 2016-2019, 62min

“In the footsteps of…” -- is an ongoing project of Sapir Collage in Sderot and Łódź Film School. The goal of this project is the cooperation of animation students of both schools and creation of short animated etudes made with the use of different techniques. During these artistic meetings participants will use motives deriving from the art of canonic authors, whose work had a significant impact on Polish and Jewish culture. Until now four workshops took place alternately in Łódź and Sderot, in the south of Israel. Applied technique[...]

19.11, Thursday | 19:00 | Online

WEBINAR “FROM BEHIND THE CAMERA: Polish Jewish Narratives”

The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland, Polska / USA, 2020, 45min

During #TJHTalks, our guests will discuss how movies influence the perception of morally challenging topics and historical periods.

Organizer: The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland

For decades, films have influenced and shaped public opinion about historical events and social issues. Our esteemed guests will share their personal experiences as creators of influential films in light of contemporary events world wide and will speak about what motivated them to take up the camera and what they hope their mov[...]

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 | Online

The shadow forest

Andrzej Cichocki, Poland, 2014, 14min

Visual dramaturgy in a short film "Forest of shadows" - case study (online meeting with Andrzej Cichocki - director, scriptwriter and cameraman of this short). The film was awarded at film festivals in Poland and abroad (Camerimage, Rhode Island Film Festival, Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles, Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival). During the 90-minute session you have the possibility to watch the film, ask the director questions during the Q&A, get some interesting info about how to make the short feature film starting from wri[...]

20.11, Friday | 20:00 | WJFF.pl

THE SECRETS (הסודות‎ Ha-Sodot)

Avi Nesher, Israel, 2007, 120min

Anuk comes from Paris to the sacred town of Safed (birthplace of Kabalah), in order to confront and gain forgiveness for a horrible “original sin” she committed in her youth. The town’s male dominated religious establishment is in no hurry to let her go through the Tikun - the healing process. But two rebellious girls from a local religious seminary come to the femme fatale's aid. The three go on a wild ride through the darkest regions of the human psyche, exploring the sacred and the profane, the sensual and the cerebral, deciphering their personal great mysteries while reaching for universal ones.

20.11, Friday | 20:00 | Ninateka.pl

In Darkness

Agnieszka Holland, Canada, Germany, Poland, 2011, 145min

"In darkness" tells the true story of Leopold Socha who risks his own life to save a dozen people from certain death. Initially only interested in his own good, the thief and burglar hides Jewish refugees for 14 months in the sewers of the German-occupied town of Lvov (former Poland).


11.11, Wednesday | 20:00 | Ninateka.pl

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