Einsame Helden  

dir. Peter Hartl, Germany, 2020, 43 min

They preserved their humanity in inhuman times. They opposed state organized crime with their civil courage. Carefully estimated, 20 000 Germans helped Jews to escape the assassination plan of the Nazis. The documentary, tells some of their stories. Among the people portrayed is the then popular film actor Hans Söhnker who hid persecuted Jews while he was to be seen on the screens of the Nazi film business. Even functionaries of the regime such as Major Karl Plagge or civil engineer Helmut Kleinicke saved Jews from death. Research by ZDF author Peter Hartl for this film made it possible for Kleinicke’s daughter, Jutta Scheffzek, to meet Josef Königsberg, who survived thanks to the humanity of her father more than 75 years ago. Kleinicke has been posthumously honoured as Righteous Among the Nations by the Israeli Yad Vashem Center in 2020.

18-11-2020 20:00, Ninateka.pl

Language: German   Subtitles: Polish

Einsame Helden

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