Hollywood’s Second World War  

dir. Jascha Hannover, Germany, 2019, 90 min

“Hollywood’s Second World War” unveils how film directors of European origin shaped US propaganda during World War II. The film tells the story of four prime Hollywood directors, who returned to the „old continent“ during the war to shoot propaganda documentaries for the US Army. It concentrates on Alsace-born William Wyler, Frank Capra, who was born in Sicily, Anatole Litvak, who stems from the Ukraine and Galicia-born Billy Wilder, whose work took place right after the defeat of the Germans. These four men - three of them of Jewish origins - often risked their lives and returned to the US with severe physical and psychological injuries. Their films are unique and almost forgotten documents about the frontline in Italy via the bombardment of Germany to the liberation of Dachau.

New Hope Film Festival 2019 - North American Premiere

16-11-2020 20:00, Ninateka.pl

Language: English, German   Subtitles: Polish

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