Kosher Love

reż. Evan Beloff, Kanada 2017, 45’

What happens when a rabbinical matchmaker, a newly married Hasidic couple and a single, religious hip-hop artist explore the precise meaning of True Love? Using levity, animation and downright silliness, Kosher Love looks at the search for true love and bible-instructed marriage in the Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish world as it pushes back against an ever encroaching, wired, secular world and its idea of momentary disposable love. Language: English. Subtitles: Polish Kosher Love. Teaser. 2017. 45'. Directed by Evan Beloff. from Cargo Film & Releasing on Vimeo. Partner: Ambasada Kanady

27 November, MONDAY, POLIN Museum, 4:30pm

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