Lost Transport  

dir. Saskia Diesing, Netherlands, 2022, 98 min

23rd April, 1945: a train with some 2,500 Jewish former prisoners from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp comes to a stop in a field near to a German village. The German soldiers flee from the advancing Russian troops, abandoning the people on the train to their fate. The chance encounter between the distrustful German girl Winnie, the courageous Dutch Jew Simone and the fearless Russian sniper Vera leads to an unexpected friendship.

Meeting with filmmaker Saskia Diesing!

Saskia Diesing (1972) lived in Germany until she was 8 years old. Then she moved to the Netherlands. After her graduation as a filmmaker at School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) in 1996 she worked for seven years at the Dutch broadcast VPRO as a director and editor in chief for several television programs. In 2003 she directed DU a double language roadmovie, which was selected for the IFFR, Input festival and the Prix Europa. After that she has directed and written several shorts and TV-movies. Her first feature Nena was released in September 2014 and won the Golden Calf in the category best actress and best director at the NFF in 2015. The film was selected for several international film festivals and the Generation 14+ program at the Berlinale 2015 where the film got a Special Mention by the international jury. Her second feature Dorst, based on the novel by Esther Gerritsen premiered at the IFFR in 2018 and was selected for the International Film Festival Shanghai. In 2021 she directed De Zitting, a feature about #MeToo which was nominated for a Golden Calf in the category Best Singleplay at the NFF. Saskia is a senior lecturer in both writing and directing for film at HKU Media, School of the Arts Utrecht, since 2004.

FILMOGRAPHY: 2022 Het Verloren Transport / Lost Transport (101” feature) - Director & Writer / KeyFilm / COIN Film / Amour Fou / NTR; 2021 De Zitting / Judgement Call (80” feature) - Director / Nuts & Bolts / BNNVARA; 2019 Fit to Fly (5 x 25” feature script for podcast) - Writer & Director / Scripts off Screen / KRO-NCRV; 2018 Dorst / Craving (90” feature) -Writer & Director / KeyFilm / September Film / Media Luna; 2015 Een Goed Leven / A Good Life (50” TV movie) -Writer / Bind / VARABNN; 2014 Nena (90” feature) - Writer & Director / KeyFilm / COIN Film / VPRO / Cinéart; 2014 P (10” short) -Writer / VenFilm / NTR; 2008 De Laatste Dag / The Last day (10” short) - Director / Lemming / NTR; 2008 Taxi 656 (40” TV movie) - Director / Pupkin / VARA; 2004 Nieuwe schoenen (40” TV movie) -Director / Rinkelfilm / VARA; 2003-2004 Het geluk van Nederland (40 “ TV-magazine) - Director / VPRO; 2003 VPROvanavond (90” TV-magazine) -Editor in Chief / VPRO; 2003 DU (50” TV-movie) -Director / Ribafilm / VPRO; 2000 Ingodsnaam (Documentary series 5 x 25”) - Director / VPRO; 1997-2002 Waskracht! (25” TV-magazine) -Director / Editor in Chief / VPRO

Partner of the screening: Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland. FESTIVALS, AWARDS: Berlin Jewish FF 2022, SF JEWISH FF 2022

FESTIVALS, AWARDS: Berlin Jewish FF 2022, SF JEWISH FF 2022

19-11-2022 17:00, Muzeum POLIN

Language: Dutch   Subtitles: PL

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