Monsieur Mayonnaise

reż. Trevor Graham, Niemcy / Australia / Francja 2016, 95’

Monsieur Mayonnaise is the adventure of artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora into his family’s secret past. Equipped with paints and easel, Philippe embarks on a journey to create an audacious comic book about his parents and their survival of the Holocaust. While Philippe grew up in Australia with his parents, he only discovers as an adult that his father was born in Germany, secretly worked for the French Resistance and was code-named ‘Monsieur Mayonnaise’. But his father only uncovered part of the story.

Berlinale 2017, Melbourne JFF 2017 - Nagroda Publiczności, Transatlantyk Film Festival 2017

Instytut Francuski

Instytut Francuski

Language: English, Franch. Subtitles: Polish, English

26 November, SUNDAY, POLIN Museum, 2:00pm

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