MUSIC FROM TV SERIES “The King Of Warsaw”  

dir. MUSIC Atanas Valkov, Poland, 2022, 60 min

Music from the iconic series „The King“, Canal+ production, will be played live in the POLIN Museum on Saturday. On November 19th in the Audytorium we will experience the performance of multiinstrumental band conducted by composer Atanas Valkov. Concert is a special event during the 20th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival „Camera of David“.

Soundtrack of „The King“ is a synergy of Jewish and Slavic sounds enriched with a touch of contemporary music and minimalism of the underscore illistration music. Apart from classical instruments Atanas Valkov uses modern electronics, ambiente sounds and technics of sound manipulation - sound design. Majority of classical and ethnic instruments like piano, zither, ethnic flutes, duduk, cymbals and percussion and board instruments are soundtracks personally recorded by the composer, who often uses experimental technics of sound extraction and new way to tune up of the instruments. The composer directs music in an unrepeated way and creates themes around scales of Jewish music. Main themes are based on a characteristic triton, introduced in the contrast to the picture. This allows to reach deeper emotional message and underlines the impression of destruction of the world of the protagonists.

Atanas Valkov – piano, zither, tenor pipe, electric instruments
Oliwier Andruszczenko – solo clarinet, bass clarinet, duduk
Paweł Zalewski – viola da Gamba, electric guitar
Ksawery Wójciński – double bass
Krzysztof Gradziuk – drums

POLIN MUSEUM, 19.11.2022, 8:30 PM 19 listopada (sobota), godz. 20.30 , Audytorium Muzeum POLIN. LINK DO ZAKUPU BILETÓW PONIŻEJ! ZAPRASZAMY!


19-11-2022 20:30, Muzeum POLIN

Language: POLISH   Subtitles:

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MUSIC Atanas Valkov








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