The Sacred Talisman  

dir. Mihhail Plutahhin, Russia, 2020, 33 min

Combining the techniques of object theater with cinematic ones, the authors create a fragile visual and musical world of childhood memories. In this world, there is a cozy little light in the window and the clock is ticking. And then, this secluded children’s world is ruthlessly invaded by a large adult war. The camera captures details and scrutinizes textures, immersing the spectator into history through a biography of things, where music and sound design become the main vehicles. The soundtrack of the performance-film features songs and poems in Yiddish from the repertoire of Leibu Levin, reader and composer.

18-11-2020 20:00,

Language: Russian   Subtitles: Polish

The Sacred Talisman

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Mihhail Plutahhin








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