No name restaurant (Nicht Ganz Kosher)  

dir. Peter Keller, Stefan Sarazin, Germany, 2022, 113 min

To save once the largest Jewish community in the world from being shut down, Ben, an ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Jew visiting Jerusalem, is sent out to be the desperately needed tenth man for the ceremonies of Pesach in Alexandria, Egypt. Having missed his plane and been kicked off the bus in the Sinai Desert, his last hope is Adel, a grumpy Bedouin looking for his camel. When their car breaks down, it becomes a matter of their very survival. The film, which starts out like a crazy comedy, slows down and hits more serious tones as Adel unveils the philosophy of nomadic life during conversations under the stars and discusses religion with Ben. Unusual culture-clash and road movie mix set in the Holy Land. AFTER THE SCREENING Q&A WITH FILMMAKERS!

PARTNERS: GERMAN EMBASSY IN POLAND, The Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2023, German Film Critics Association: Awards Best Film Score (Beste Musik) 2023, Bavarian Film Awards 2022: Best Production (Produzentenpreis), Munich Film Festival 2022: Future Prize

27-10-2023 19:00, KinoGram

Language: German   Subtitles: Polish and English

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Peter Keller, Stefan Sarazin








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