No Promised Land

dir. Raphael Bondy, Switzerland 2019, 52 min, documentary


No Promised Land tells the story of four young Jewish Ethiopians facing an identity crisis as their community experiences exclusion in what they expected to be their new-found homeland in Israel. Teacher Benny and fashion designer Lemlem immigrated to Israel with their parents. Social activist Inbar and stand-up comedian Shlomo were born in Israel. Despite the fact that they speak fluent Hebrew and served in the compulsory military service, just like all Israelis, their dream of belonging did not come true. Now, in the wake of growing demonstrations against police brutality, a new hope arises, for a life without discrimination. Festivals, awards: Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: Polish and English

23.11.2019, SATURDAY, POLIN MUSEUM, 1:00 PM

ADMISSION IS FREE. FREE TICKETS CAN BE PICKED UP at the POLIN Museum on the day of the screening.

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