Our Father

reż. MENY YAESH , Izrael / Francja 2016, 107’


This is a story of fatherhood. Ovadia is the strongest and most violent doorman of Tel Aviv night clubs. He has no fear of anything and he never lost a fight . His biggest dream is to become a father, he and his wife Rachel are trying to get pregnant for almost five years. A small time gangster named Shalom Rozental sees a great potential in Ovadia. Ovadia sees this as great option to start an expensive treatment for his wife. As soon as Rachel gets pregnant, he decides to stop working for Shalom. It's not that easy.

10 Nominations Israeli Academy Awards 2016, Best Actor, Best Editing, Toronto JFF 2017, Best Actor Jerusalem Film Festival 2016

Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: Polish, English.

25 November, SATURDAY, POLIN Museum, 5:00pm

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