dir. FILM SCHOOLS FROM LODZ & ISRAEL, Poland, Israel, 2016-2019, 62 min

“In the footsteps of…” -- is an ongoing project of Sapir Collage in Sderot and Łódź Film School. The goal of this project is the cooperation of animation students of both schools and creation of short animated etudes made with the use of different techniques. During these artistic meetings participants will use motives deriving from the art of canonic authors, whose work had a significant impact on Polish and Jewish culture. Until now four workshops took place alternately in Łódź and Sderot, in the south of Israel. Applied techniques combine traditional animation methods (cartoon, paper-cut, doll, photoanimation) with modern digital techniques (3D animation, compositing, CG special effects). Created films concern the lifework of Bruno Schulz, Stanisław Lem, Hanoch Levin and since last year poets Wisława Szymborska and Dan Pagis have also become an inspiration.

In the footsteps of Bruno Schultz – 2016

“Something about morning” 2:21’
Created by: Katarzyna Strzelczyk, Alicja Palechowska, Sivan Elashvili, Oriya Ben Chaim

“The great escape” 2:14’
Created by: Dor Bar, Daniel Shpeizer, Agata Mianowska, Artur Hanaj

In the footsteps of Stanisław Lem

“Ando” 2:17’
Created by: Sarai Abergel, Adam Magrala, Muli Asido, Maja Minic , Adrianna Matwiejczuk

„Grow” 2:19’
Created by: Shaool R. Levy, Noy Friman, Maja Garmulewicz, Zuzanna Stach

In the footsteps of Hanoch Levin - 2018

“Brain tour” 2:53’
Created by: Weronika Althamer, Daniel Ambaya, Tamar Kharitonov, Marcin Senderowicz

“Cell” 1:23’
Created by: Joanna Szlembarska, Lara Buyom, Oktawian Jurczykowski, Rotem Ezra

In the footsteps of poets - 2019

„Where” 2:54’- the poem by Dan Pagis
Created by: Katarzyna Bińko, Shachar Kerub, Klaudia Bochniak, Nitzan Paz, Joanna Szlembarska, Ziva Jacobovici

„Promised land" - is a project created in 2018 by students of Łódź Film School and Sapir Collage in Sderot. As a result of the workshops directors and cameramen made few short documentaries showing what fascinated or astonished them after they had come to Israel. Young filmmakers paid special attention to social and political poblems. Their subjects became a starting point to the reflection on idea of the Promised Land, the name of Israel and the name of Łódź in the past.

“Hide and seek in a Peaceful Valley” 14’51
dir. Maciej Białoruski
cam. Jakub Dylewski
editing Piotr Ogiński

„Łódź-Jerusalem: the rhythm of two cities"
In June 2019 5 students of the Directing Department of The Ma’aleh School of Film and Television in Jerusalem came to Łódź and couple of weeks later students of Łódź Film School flew to Jerusalem. The goal of this trips was to make documentaries with the leitmotiv: city as phisical space (with defined structure and spacial planning) and also city as social space, living tissue governed by its own rules, culture and norms. Students worked in the teams of two, helping each other and being guides for their partners in their own cities. 10 documentaries were created as a result, showing the city and its inhabitants from a foreigner's perspective.

„Boris is not crazy” 7:40’
dir. Hillel Rate
cam. Krystian Stępień
editing Sapir Rokach, Hillel Rate

„The Spring” 7:50’
dir. and camera Jan Bujnowski
editing Barbara Fronc

„Fishermen don’t talk” 10:06’
dir. Hai Afik
cam. Hai Afik, Jan Bujnowski
editing Hai Afik
“Jerusalem is a woman” 4:55’ (26:30-31:25)
Dir., camera and editing Zuzanna Sławińska

Total time: 62 minutes

Language: English!


University lecturers:

Marcin Malatyński (Lodz Film School)
Jacek Rokosz (Lodz Film School)
Martin Rath (Lodz Film School)
Erez Pery (Sapir Collage in Sderot)
Yeal Inbar (Sapir Collage in Sderot)
Omri Levy (Ma’aleh Film and Television School)

Jan Bujnowski, Maciej Białoruski, Joanna Szlembarska (Lodz Film School)
Hiliel Rate (Ma’aleh Film and Television School)
(Sapir Collage in Sderot)

PARTNERS OF THE PROGRAM: Lodz Film School, Sapir Collage in Sderot, Ma’aleh Film and Television School in Jerusalem

19-11-2020 19:00, Online

Language: English, Hebrew   Subtitles: English

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