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2019-11-24 11:00, POLIN Museum

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An international collection of narrative and documentary short films features a variety of genres, styles and subject matter. This program includes 5 separate films screened back-to-back without interruption.

Dibbuk, dir. Dayan David Oualid, France 2019, 30 min, narrative short

AFTER JEDWABNE, BEFORE KIELCE, dir. Tomasz Wisniewski, Poland 2019, 14 min, doc. short

DER FIDLE, dir. Asher Schwartz, Israel 2018, 8 min, animation

Terror, dir. Yonatan Shehoah, Israel 2018, 17 min, narrative short

LOST AND FOUND, dir. Shimon Engel, Ofer Winter, Israel 2019, 4 min, animation

Subtitles: English and Polish.

24.11.2019, Sunday, POLIN Museum, 11:00 AM

ADMISSION IS FREE. FREE TICKETS CAN BE PICKED UP at the POLIN Museum on the day of the screening.






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