Simple things  

dir. Liel Sharon Gur, Israel, 2019, 30 min

Ten years ago Maya left her secular kibbutz and became ultra-Orthodox. Today she is a birth coach who has assisted at over 100 births. But her dream to find a partner and start a family of her own seems continually to elude her...

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2019 - Honorable Mention, Best Film, Honorable Mention, Critics Choice; Energa CAMERIMAGE 2019 - European Premier; Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2019 - Honorable Mention, Israeli Short Film Competition; Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal 2020 - Canadian Premier

21-11-2020 16:00,

Language: Hebrew   Subtitles: Polish

Zwyczajne sprawy / Simple things

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Liel Sharon Gur








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