The Day of Wrath  

dir. Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz, Poland, 2020, 85 min

During World War II Poland is kept under German occupation. In the autumn of 1943, a young Jewish escapee from a nearby ghetto appears in a Polish monastery, asking for help. German Nazis punish hiding Jews with death so the monks face the most difficult dilemma. The stakes become even higher when SS officer, responsible for local extermination campaign against the Jews, visits the monastery. "The Day of Wrath" is a full of tension blend of a war thriller and a morality play. The film is based on the drama by Roman Brandstaetter under the same title.

Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival 2020 - Best Film Award, Best Leading Actor; Hollywood Divine International Film Festival 2020 - Best Picture (Feature Film over $150K), Best Director (Feature Film) , Best Lead Actor (Feature Film), Best Lead Actress (Feature Film); MELECH Tel-Aviv International Film Festival - Finalist

18-11-2020 20:00,

Language: Polish   Subtitles: Polish

The Day of Wrath

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Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz








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