The Hebrews: Zelda. A Simple Woman  

dir. Yair Qedar, Israel 2015, 55 min, documentary, bio

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2019-11-24 16:00, POLIN Museum

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She published her first book of poetry at the age of 53 and became a prominent figure in the field of Hebrew literature. Niece of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, living alone in Jerusalem, writing poems of pieces of paper, surrounded by a small court of lovers and admirers. Through never-seen before archival footage and meetings with her loves and friends (Amos Oz, Chava Alberstein), the film gently sketches a portrait of the first religious female poet Zeldy Mishḳovsḳi.

Q&A with the filmmaker Yair Qedar. Moderated by Lihi Nagler.

Yair Qedar

Yair Qedar is an Israeli filmmaker and a civil-rights activist. His academic training on 20th-century Hebrew literature (Tel Aviv University), propelled him into to The Hebrews — a documentary project on the Hebrew and Jewish literary canon, centered on filmic portraits of Hebrew writers from the 17 century to recent days. 14 feature length documentary films were made in the project so far. The documentary films which Qedar produced - and directed with other 10 Israeli film directors - all premiered in film festivals, aired on Israeli TV, circulated far and wide in hundreds of cinemas, cinematheques, community and cultural centers, in Israel and around the world.

Lihi Nagler

Dr. Lihi Nagler is a film scholar affiliated with the Department of Literature, Art & Linguistics at The Open University of Israel. She serves as a curator at the Jewish Film Festival Berlin and at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival.

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: The Center for Yiddish Culture

Language: Hebrew, English. Subtitles: Polish and English.

24.11.2019, SUNDAY, POLIN Museum, 4:00 PM

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