The Memory of Auschwitz  

dir. Manfred van Eijk, Netherlands / Poland, 2020, 49 min

“The memory of Auschwitz” is a documentary about the dilemmas, paradoxes and divergent feelings in preserving the infrastructure of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. A group of curators has worked hard over the years to secure the remains of this location where over a million individuals were murdered in the period 1942-1945. Director Manfred van Eijk and camera operator Chris Blokhuis followed the team during the meticulous conservation operation of - among other things - one of the barracks in the huge complex. Many artefacts that the deportees owned have passed through the hands of the curators: toothbrushes, suitcases, reading glasses, music instruments and toys - along with such objects as Zyklon B containers. The documentary also features testimony of Zofia Posmysz, prisoner no. 7566.

The partner of the screening is the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland

16-11-2020 20:00,

Language: English, German, Polish   Subtitles: Polish

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Manfred van Eijk








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