The Prophets (Hanevi’im)  

Israel 2018, documentary short, competition

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2018-11-14 18:00, JCC WARSAW

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Jerusalem Film Workshop presents: The Prophets (Hanevi’im), Israel 2018, short documentaries

The Jerusalem Film Workshop is a unique and exciting program offering creative young filmmakers from all over the world the opportunity to hone their filmmaking skills whilst also exploring the land of Israel. Over the course of 6 weeks, students will create short documentaries that present their own fresh perspectives on the city of Jerusalem. Screening of Jerusalem Film Workshop films in the presence of the workshop participants.

This is an inspiring program with master - classes taught by leading figures in the Israeli film industry and hands-on experience creating short documentary films with other young international filmmakers. This year JFW is proud to be collaborating with over 20 festivals from around the world, each of which participated in the selection of candidates. Completed films will be screened at these festivals in the presence of the filmmakers from their communities. Jewish film festivals from Vienna, Warsaw, San Francisco, Budapest, Mexico, and the Pitigliani Kolno'a Festival are all taking part.

Documentaries tell stories unique to the location and, thus, presented the opportunity to portray true stories in and about Jerusalem. This year, the five documentaries each focus on a different area of Hanevi’im Street. Upon their completion, the films will be combined, and additional footage added, to create a feature documentary titled The Prophets (Hanevi’im) is a cinematic look at the rich cultures of the area.

The program is held in affiliation with the Jerusalem Film Festival. 

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival partner: Israeli Embassy in Poland.

  • Jerusalem_In_Between: Director -  Pietro Pinto, Producer - Adrianna Bialikm Cinematographer - Bennedict Dopplinger, Editor - Daniel Miramontes, Production assistant - Einat Gaulan
  • Homemade: Director -  Constanza Munoz Poupin, Producer - Anna Wowram, Cinematographer - Matan Alter, Editor - Eric M. Berman, Production assistant - Rotem Dimand
  • Kafka: Director - Ewa Chodzicka, Producer - Nicole Feinnholz, Cinematographer - Blake Mars, Editor - Daniel Cappell, Production assistant -  Sigi Golan
  • Miriam: Director -  Taylor Hartley, Producer - Xuedan (Echo) Tang, Cinematographer - Lena Jablonska, Editor - Ludovico Emanuele Tesoro-Tess, Production assistant - Gitay Silver
  • Yehudis: Director - Justyna Gawelko, Producer - Sophia (Sunny) Davis, Cinematographer - Zakaria Siraj, Editor - Jonathan Lan, Production assistant - Tal Stadler

Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: English, Polish.

14.11.2018, JCC Warsaw, Chmielna 9A street, Warsaw





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