The Windermere Children  

dir. Michael Samuels, Germany, UK, 2020, 89min

"The Windermere Children" tells the story of the pioneering project to rehabilitate child survivors of the Holocaust in England’s Lake District. 300 young orphaned Jewish refugees began new lives on the shores of Lake Windermere in the summer of 1945. Carrying only the clothes they wear and a few meagre possessions, they bear the emotional and physical scars of all they have suffered. Team of counsellors have just four months to help the children reclaim their lives. Eventually, letters from The Red Cross arrive with the terrible confirmation that for nearly all the children their siblings and parents have been murdered. One child, however is convinced that his brother survived.

20-11-2020 20:00,

Language: Polish, English, German   Subtitles: Polish


DZIECI Z WINDERMERE / The Windermere Children

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Michael Samuels








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