The young Kadyas  

dir. Yvonne Andrä, Eyal Davidovitch, Wolfgang Andrä, Germany, 2020, 102 min

They want to sing about chirping crickets and falling stars - the Arab and Jewish girls from Israel together in one project with girls from Germany and France. But the path to joyous live performance is exhausting! They are being taught in English, they have much to learn and the songs are in Yiddish, a completely foreign language for almost all of them. Two very different choir cultures have to merge and become one and controversies about religion, politics and history of their home countries force their way into their teenage lives.

Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2019 - Official selection

18-11-2020 20:00,

Language: Arabic, English, German, Hebrew, Yiddish   Subtitles: Polish

The young Kadyas

, Array

Yvonne Andrä, Eyal Davidovitch, Wolfgang Andrä








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