Izrael 2017, 53’

Screening of Jerusalem Film Workshop films, a program held in affiliation with the Jerusalem Film Festival collaborating with over 20 festivals from around the world (Warsaw Jewish Film Festival amng them!), each of which participated in the selection of candidates. The Jerusalem Film Workshop is a unique and exciting program offering creative young filmmakers from all over the world the opportunity to hone their filmmaking skills whilst also exploring the land of Israel. Over the course of 6 weeks, students have created short documentaries that present their own fresh perspectives on the city of Jerusalem. Habesha, director: Naphtali Rosenberg, cinematography: Bailey Softness, editor: Michelle Blue, production: Olivier Lafond-Wise HaMavdil, dir. Erik Hirschhorn, cinemat. Yarden Zahav, ed.Tal Aharonov, prod. Yoni Collins How to ride an elevator, dir. Hannah Skolnick, cinemat. Jonathan Meiri-Brauer, ed. Arielle Granoff, prod. Salvatore Natale Jerusalem if I forget you, dir. Rachel Boyoung Kim, cinemat. Cecilia Brunelli, ed. Ashma Pokharel, prod. David Urban Outsider, dir. Anna Kiraly, cinemat. Magda Mazur, ed. Marie Maitrot, prod. Gal Dor Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: Polish, English Partners: BANK BZWBK Jerusalem FILM WORKSHOP Jerusalem Film Workshop 2017 trailer from GREENproductions on Vimeo.

29 November, THURSDAY, POLIN Museum, 4:15pm

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