WEBINAR “FROM BEHIND THE CAMERA: Polish Jewish Narratives”  

dir. The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland, Polska / USA, 2020, 45 min

During #TJHTalks, our guests will discuss how movies influence the perception of morally challenging topics and historical periods.

Organizer: The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland

For decades, films have influenced and shaped public opinion about historical events and social issues. Our esteemed guests will share their personal experiences as creators of influential films in light of contemporary events world wide and will speak about what motivated them to take up the camera and what they hope their movies bring to the public forum.

Agnieszka Holland is one of the most celebrated Polish filmmakers and directors. Her first movie, "Provincial Actors"— a staple of Polish “cinema of moral unrest”— earned her the International Critics Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1980. Later, facing persecution from the communist government, Agnieszka Holland emigrated to France and continued her work on groundbreaking movies, such as “Europa, Europa,” which won the Golden Globe in 1990. She also received three Academy Award nominations for “Angry Harvest”, “Europa Europa” and “In Darkness”; a movie about a Catholic man from Lwow, who saved Jews from certain death in the Holocaust. Holland’s body of work often reflects her Jewish and Catholic roots, dealing with issues of faith, mysticism and human choices.

Roberta Grossman is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, producer, and member of the Academy’s Documentary Branch. Through insightful and visually stunning movies, she explores important issues of Jewish history and social justice. Roberta’s credits include, among others, “Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh” (2008), “Hava Nagila: The Movie” (2012), and “Above and Beyond” (2015). Her 2018 movie, “Who Will Write Our History" — co-produced with Nancy Spielberg — became an international box office hit in the documentary genre. Roberta Grossman has recently received the Taube Philanthropies “Jewish Peoplehood Award” for her contributions to the transmission of Jewish culture and heritage.


TJHTalks,* a monthly webinar series, was created by the Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life Foundation at the beginning of the pandemic as a way of maintaining connections and exploring timely themes. The program features preeminent scholars and cultural icons from Poland and around the world in discussion about Polish Jewish history and contemporary issues. Since its launch in April 2020, #TJHTalks has gained a worldwide audience, averaging more than 650 attendees per webinar.


ORGANIZER: The Taube Center for the Renewal of Jewish Life in Poland

18-11-2020 20:00, Online

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