Winter Hunt (Winterjagd)

dir. Astrid Schult, Germany 2017, 74’, narrative feature, competition


The psychological thriller WINTER HUNT tells the story of a family as a dark chamber drama on the Schwäbische Alb. The film is about a young girl (Lena, 25) who enters the mansion of family Rossberg. Anselm Rossberg (91), a former Auschwitz guard lives here with his daughter Maria (48). Lena attacks Anselm Rossberg with a weapon and forces him to confess about his past and his actions in the concentration camp as a young man. Anselm denies to know anything about it, he shortly was part of a trial but was found not guilty. But Lena insists and threatens to kill his daughter Maria. Finally the tide is turning and a terrible secret comes up. In the end Lena is confronted with a moral decision.  

Festivals, Awards: Atlanta JFF 2018, Boston JFF 2018, UK JFF 2018

Language: German. Subtitles: English, Polish.

16.11, FRIDAY, PRAHA Cinema, 19:00

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