WJFF SHORTS PROGRAM: To Everything There Is A Season  


dir. multiply, Israel, Germany, Poland, UK, France, 2020-2022, 103 min

WJFF SHORTS PROGRAM: “To Everything There Is A Season And A Time To Every Purpose”. Separation, transition and return are integral parts of our lives. There are moments and events that we carry with us as long as we are alive. Childhood, love relationships, offsprings and death are entangled in religions, traditions and restrictions. Etel must depart from her childhood when she gets her period for the first time in the age of nine (Women of Virtue). When Omri was 13, on the way to his Bar Mitzvah, something happened that would change his family forever (The Accident). Evgenia left the former Soviet Union to Germany with her family and carries until today the burden of her parents´ migration (Cherry Bone). A couple was created and the world is reborn, two become one. Love, lust, pain and fear. Is a separation possible before we die? (A Brief History of Us). Life is over for Roz´s and Elli´s father, a final separation that throws a shadow on the siblings´ relationships. Will they manage to reconcile? (Pops).

Five short films from France, Israel, Germany, the UK and Poland that build together a circle of life or rather of Jewish Life:
The Accident, dir. Omri Dekel-Kadosh, Israel, 2020, 30'
Cherry Bone (Kirschknochen), dir. Evgenia Gostrer, Germany, 2021, 17'
Woman of Virtue, dir. Stéphanie Halfon, France, 2021, 30'
A Brief History of Us, dir. Ofra Kobliner and Etgar Keret, Poland, 2021, 7'
Pops, dir. Lewis Rose, UK, 2021, 19'


19-11-2022 16:00, Muzeum POLIN

Language: Hebrew, english, german, polish, french   Subtitles: polish

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