dir. Nurith Aviv, Israel, 2019, 60 min

Seven young people today tell of their passion for Yiddish poetry written by authors who were about their age between the two world wars. It was a moment of tremendous creative momentum in Yiddish culture. The poetry of those years was universal and intimate at the same time, related to all the literary and artistic currents of the period. They were polyglot and moved from one country to another. "Yiddishland" was not a country, but a language. The film's protagonists, some Jews, some not, also move between countries and languages. They each speak of their personal relationship to Yiddish and to a poet they particularly love. For these young people, this Yiddish poetry does not only belong to a Jewish past, but also allows them to face the present.

18-11-2020 20:00, Ninateka.pl

Language: French, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Lithuanian   Subtitles: Polish


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