Young Karl Marx

reż. Raoul Peck, Francja / Niemcy / Belgia 2017, 118’


1844. Karl Marx is 26 years old and living with his wife Jenny in exile in Paris. When he first meets the slightly younger factory owner’s son Friedrich Engels he dismisses him as a dandy. But Engels, who has just published a study on the miserable impoverishment of the English proletariat, has long since begun to distance himself from his own class. The two like-minded men become friends and soon inspire each other to write texts in which they seek to provide a theoretical foundation for the revolution they believe must come. Their goal is no longer to merely interpret the world, but to change it. Fundamentally.

Berlinale 2017, San Francisco Jewish FF, UK Jewish FF, Boston Jewish FF

Ambasada Niemiec

Ambasada Niemiec

Language: German, French, English. Subtitles: English, Polish

26 November, SUNDAY, POLIN Museum, 4:00am

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