International Jury consisting of Anna Pokłosiewicz, Ishbel Szatrawska, Michalina Majewska, Anna Rozenfeld, Lea Wohl von Haselberg, Kornel Miglus awarded:

Best Narrative Feature: 

CINEMA SABAYA, dir. Orit Fouks Rotem, Israel 2021

Jury statement: "The 20th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival’s highest prize goes to “Cinema Sabaya” - a touching portrait of nine women of disparate backgrounds. The movie subtly reveals problems of contemporary Israel from the protagonists’ everyday perspective. It consciously makes use of different narrative movie techniques, touching on the theme of filmmaker’s ethics".

Best Documentary Feature:

1341 FRAMES OF LOVE AND WAR, dir. Ran Tal, Israel 2022

Jury statement: "1341 Frames of Love and War by Ran Tal (Israel 2022) is a mature documentary that convinces through the beauty of its images and clever reflections on images and their truths. It shows the story of a country and a photographer in its images and manages to be cinematic in the best sense without moving pictures".

Best Narrative Short: 

POPS, dir. Lewis Rose, UK 2022

Jury statement: "Pops by Lewis Rose (UK 2022) develops a small narrative about the end of life and the questions that remain for those left behind: Who are funeral rituals for? And what role does tradition play? With convincing actors, a family is shown that comes close to the audience with its differences and faults, whose conflicts are familiar and touching and are able to develop comedy in them".

Best Documentary Short: 

KIRSCHKNOCHEN / CHERRY BONE, dir. Evgenia Gostrer, Germany 2021

Jury statement: "Cherry Bone by Evgenia Gostrer (Germany 2021) tells in very special animations about the migration of the so-called contingent refugees to Germany. Like a small essay, it reflects on generational relations and is a small tribute to the parents - at the same time the personal story of the filmmaker as a look at a young generation of post-Soviet Jews."


SPECIAL MENTION in Best Narrative Feature category: LET IT BE MORNING, dir. Eran Kolirin, Israel, France 2021

SPECIAL MENTION in Best Documentary Feature category: EDGE OF LIGHT, dir. Wojciech Szumowski, Poland 2021


ROSE, dir. Aurelie Saada, France, 2021



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