dir. Roman Shumunov, Israel, 2021, 105 min

A fascinating story of Leonid Bernstein, Ukrainian Jew, who was a partisan battalion commander during WW2. He was responsible for destroying the development facility of the terrifying Nazi V-2 rocket, the last hope of Hitler to change the outcome of war. But beyond the medals, lies a wonderful story of a young Jewish orphan who becomes a leader, survives against all odds and succeeds to preserve his identity.
In an old house in the modest neighborhood of Kiryat Ata, neighbors did not imagine that the old man who lives next door is the last living commander of a partisan battalion in World War II. He is the man who located the secret facility where the Germans developed their last hope for victory - the V2 missiles. In his confession, Berenshtein returns to the past and reveals the sights that accompany his whole life - women and children burned before his eyes, partisans he executed, his brilliant war tactics, the love of his life which he relinquished, his encounter with the Holocaust and the moment he chose to refuse an order, break into a German prison and release Jews sentenced to death. In the last moments of his life, he faces the decisions he made and recounts how he found not only Hitler's doomsday weapon, but himself.


Roman Shumunov is an award winning Israeli director, screen writer and editor. Has been titled more than once — as one of the most promising young directors in Israel. As a director, writer, and co producer, television, and cinema projects, Roman has been keeping busy across different genres.
His past and present projects include : Documentary feature film “Babylon Dreamers” opened the DocAviv International F.F. and won first prize and over 30 festivals. “Here and Now”– Ophir Award (Israeli Oscar) . Social drama about young immigrant living with her little sister in the slums of the city and struggling to assimilate into Israeli society.
Greatly valued film “Back to Chernobyl”, that was successful distributed to dozens of countries and festivals around the world. In April 2021 was released epic historical drama film– “Berenshtein — The last Partisan”. The film based on a true story of Leonid Berenshtein, who located the secret facility of Hitler. Won Best Director and Best Film.
TV Series «Memory Forest», 4 Episodes, 2022
TV Series «Generation 1.5» 3 Episodes, 2022
At the moment Roman is working on a new drama mini series, in co-production with «TelePooL Group» and Israeli Channel 8 — «Munich 72», the untold story of the biggest terror attack of 20 century.


AWARDS, FESTIVALS: BERLIN JEWISH FF 2022, TORONTO JFF 2022 Festival du Cinéma Israelién de Montréal Nominated, Jury Prize Best Actor Yaroslav Kucherenko Won, Jury Prize Best Director Roman Shumunov Won, Jury Prize Best Film Ronen Balzam, Lior Sasson, Roman Shumunov, Emanuel Shechter, Hila Guy Metaphor 2022 Stony Brook Film Festival Won, Best Feature Jury Award Ronen Balzam (em), Lior Sasson, Roman Shumunov, Emanuel Shechter, Hila Guy Metaphor 2021 Awards of the Israeli Film Academy Nominated, Award of the Israeli Film Academy Best Sound Michael Goorevich (sound designer)

20-11-2022 17:00, Muzeum POLIN

Language: Hebrew   Subtitles: PL

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