This year’s festival is dedicated to the world-renowned film producer Artur Brauner. Artur Brauner, a Polish-born Holocaust survivor, born in Lodz, who became one of post-World War II Germany's most prominent film producers, died at age 100 in July this year. At the Opening we will honoured the late Artur Brauner with the Honorary Camera of David Award in recognition of his outstanding work and contribution to the film industry for more than 70 years.

The Opening Ceremony will feature the Polish premiere of the film “Crescendo # makemusicnotwar” produced by Alice Brauner - the daughter of the Honorary Camera of David Award winner, who will attend the ceremony. Alice Brauner will be honoured with the The Camera of David Award for her dedication in making movies with Jewish theme.


Artur Brauner belongs to the few producers who shaped the German film history strongly over the last 70 years. He stands as a symbol for the German Entertainment Film industry of the 50s and 60s and at the same time is producer of some of the most significant West-German Films in the latest German history. After fleeing and surviving the Holocaust, Brauner returned to Germany to produce some of the most famous anti-fascist films. He is credited on over 250 films.

In an interview with DW in 2016, Brauner said that seeing the eyes of a ten- or twelve-year-old Jewish boy that the SS had murdered in the final days of WWII made him determined to fulfill a childhood dream and enter the film industry. "My intention was to produce a film about the innocent victims and the elimination of an entire people," he explained.

Brauner made several films about the Holocaust. The first film to deal directly with the Shoah was Morituri in 1948. It was his second work, and at the time he was Germany's youngest producer. Many others followed, including The White Rose (1982; Die Weiße Rose), Babiy Yar (2003; Babij Jar), Wunderkinder (2011) and Europa Europa (1990; Hitlerjunge Salomon) which earned a Golden Globe. By holding up a mirror to the Germans, these films kept the memory of the Nazi era alive.

In 2010, the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Israel opened a media center in Brauner's name, which he called "the crowning achievement of my film career."

23.11.2019, SATURDAY, POLIN Museum, 11:00 AM
dir. Kathrin Anderson, Oliver Schwehm, prod. Alice Brauner, Germany 2017, 52 min, doc bio

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Dr. Alice Brauner was born in Berlin. After high school she studied modern history, political science and Romance literature and languages at the Free University Berlin.

After working as an editor for various print media, she became an interviewer and contributor for the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation; the foundation, of which Steven Spielberg is an honorary chair, archives audio-visual interviews with survivors of the Holocaust. This was followed by her graduate dissertation for the Center for Anti-Semitic Research at the Technical University Berlin about anti-democratic and racist tendencies in the neo-right wing in Germany. In 1999, she became a TV presenter, first for TV-Berlin, then for n-tv.

Today she is an executive board member of CCC Filmkunst GmbH and CCC Cinema and Television GmbH and active as a producer for film, television and web productions.

She produced her first award-winning motion picture as an associate: THE LAST TRAIN (DER LETZTE ZUG). In 2009, she produced SO EIN SCHLAMASSEL for ARD Degeto. In 2012 she was one of four co-producers on the Grimme-Prize-nominated television miniseries GÖTTER WIE WIR (2012/ZDFkultur), which won the 2013 German Television Prize in the comedy category. At the same time, she produced award-winning motion pictures like WUNDERKINDER and TO LIFE! (AUF DAS LEBEN!) (2014).

19.11.2019, TUESDAY, CZARY CINEMA, 8:00 PM, dir. Uwe Janson, idea Artur Brauner, prod. Alice Brauner, Gemrany 2014, 95 min, comedy-drama

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During the festival following movies produced by Brauner's family will be shown:

WUNDERKINDER, dir. by Marcus Rosenmüller, written by Artur Baruner, produced by Artur and Alice Brauner, Germany 2011, 96 min, drama

dir. by Uwe Janson, written by Artur Brauner (idea) and Thorsten Wettcke, produced by Alice Brauner, Germany 2014, 95 min, tragicomedy

dir. by Kathrin Anderson, Oliver Schwehm, produced by Alice Brauner, Germany 2017, 52 min, documentary, biopic

dir. by Dror Zahavi, produced by Alice Brauner, Germany 2019, 102 min, drama

Brauner's films will be shown also in LODZ and in CRACOW as a part of Warsaw Jewish FF screenings in partnership with The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center, JCC Cracow and Galicia Museum.

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