JURY 2022

We are proud to announce the Jury of the 20th Warsaw Jewish FF!

The 20th festival has the international films competition in 4 categories: Narrative Feature Films, Documentary Feature Films, Documentary Short Films and Narrative Short Films. To this year's competition was selected 23 films: 10 narrative features, 5 feature documentaries and 8 short films. The newest productions from all over the world: Poland, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Belgia, Canada, USA.

The list of all films in the competition you can find here: films in the competition.

The Jury verdict will be announce at the Closing Ceremony on November 20th!


ANNA POKŁOSIEWICZan expert on cultures and promoter of culture, a graduate of the University of Warsaw's Institute of Polish Culture. She works at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, where she coordinates educational activities for adults. Apart from her museum work, she also is an expert in film education.

ISHBEL SZATRAWSKA - is a writer based in Krakow, Poland. She studied Theater Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and American Studies at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. In 2013-2014 she studied in Akademia Multi Art, a film school in Krakow, under the supervision of renowned Polish filmmakers, e.g. Xawery Żuławski, Jacek Bławut, and Janusz Kondratiuk. In 2021 she wrote “The Life and Death of Mr. Hersh Libkin from Sacramento, CA” which was published by Wydawnictwo Cyranka in 2022. Her plays were shortlisted and rewarded by e.g. Berliner Festspiele, the Gdynia Dramaturgical Price, and the international EURODRAM competition. “Totentanz: Black Night, Black Death” was presented in September 2022 as part of the International Voices Project in Chicago, IL. For many years she has been an employee of the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland.

MICHALINA MAJEWSKA - film studies graduate, creator of the Kino po żydowsku (Cinema the Jewish way) Instagram profile. In 2021, she created and conducted an original series of lectures on the history of Jewish cinema in Poland for JCC Krakow. Author of the podcasts „Yiddish cinema, Polish cinema” (cooperation with the Film Studies Science Club at the University of Lodz) and „Jewish motifs” (cooperation with the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow). In the past, she was the organizer of the Prewar Cinema Festival „Urania” and the Jewish Themes Film Festival in Lodz. She collaborated with the Jewish internet television Szalom.tv. Currently a history student, still developing her passion for Jewish cinema.


ANNA ROZENFELD  - a researcher of Jewish history, Yiddish language and culture, a painter and an actress; translator and language instructor of Yiddish. A professional Yiddish performer on Polish Radio and at the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw. She has studied the history of art, graphic arts and painting, philosophy, literature and Jewish studies at universities in Marburg, Salzburg, Vienna and Warsaw. Graduated with honours of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in the Humanities and PhD Studies in Yiddish at Warsaw University. Co-founder of theִ „ייִדיש לעבט" project, she is deeply engaged in preserving and promoting the Yiddish culture in both today's Poland and abroad. She hosted "Naye Khvalyes," a Yiddish radio program broadcast by the Polish Radio, worked in the Education Department of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and taught as a lecturer for Yiddish at the Center for Yiddish Culture in Warsaw. Currently is she ELES Research Fellow, associated with the Selma Stern Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg and the LMU Munich.

LEA WOHL von HASELBERG - is a film and media studies scholar and researches and writes about German-Jewish subjects and memory culture. After completing a degree in theatre‑, film and media studies in Frankfurt am Main, she earned her PhD on Jewish film characters in West German film and television in Hamburg and Haifa. Her research is at the intersection of Media Studies and Jewish Studies, with a focus on the depiction of Jewish topics in the discourse of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jewish film history and (audiovisual) memory cultures. She is an associate member of the Selma Stern Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg and co-editor of the magazine Jalta. Positionen zur jüdischen Gegenwart. Since October 2017, she has been working at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF on a research project dealing with the work biographies of Jewish filmmakers in the Federal Republic of Germany. She is also a member of the Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg (JFBB) programme board.

KORNEL MIGLUS - studied philosophy, linguistics and psychology in Poland, in the USA and Germany. He was then a doctoral student at the AI Institute in Berlin. Since 1994 he has been a film programer at the Polish Institute in Berlin. 1996-99 he worked for Radio "Multikulti" and taught at the Humboldt University 2001 he founded Vacant Filmproduktion. Since 2005 curator of the film festival filmPOLSKA Berlin; since 2021 artistic director and producer of the festival 610 Berlin Warszawa.  Kornel Miglus is author of several documentaries and documentaries.



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