The International Holocaust Remembrance Day – 27th January 2021 at 19:00

Online screening of the restored version of The Illegals (1947/1948, dir. Meyer Levin, 77 Min., English original version) followed by a Q&A (in English) with Film historian Prof. Frank Stern and with the director´s son, poet and translator, Mr. Gabriel Levin.

“The Age of Holocaust Survivors is drawing to a close. Before long no one will be left to say, "I was there, I saw, I remember what happened." All that will be left will be books of literature and research, pictures and films, and multitudinous testimony. This will be a new era. The dark inheritance of the Shoah that was so indelibly stamped on the survivors' souls and hearts will become a sacred mission imposed upon humanity.” (From The Survivor´s Declaration)

On The International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27th January 2021, we will honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of other victims of the Nazi regime.


This year, facing the challenges of the social distance imposed on us, we as executive directors, curators and academics in the field of Jewish Film, collaborate in creating an online commemoration event, a cornerstone for the establishment of a EUROPEAN JEWISH FILM CENTER, which will provide a face to face, and an online forum for Jewish Film events in Europe.

In cooperation with The Israel Film Archive at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, we will screen the newly restored version of the film: The Illegals (Dir. Meyer Levin, 1947).

After the screening, Film historian Prof. Frank Stern and the director´s son, poet and translator, Gabriel Levin, will join us for a Q&A session.

The Illegals is an extraordinary historical document that combines fiction and documentary. The director depicts the surviving Jewish remnant in their  odyssey through many European countries and accompanies 853 Jewish refugees, including 150 children on a small wooden freighter on its way to Eretz Israel.  

Director Meyer Levin, took part in the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps as an American journalist and decided to tell in the The Illegals the story of the survivors’ destinies after the war.

We will distribute a limited number of access codes to this rare event for each of the participating countries

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