Image of Victory  

dir. Adi Mishnayot, Israel, 2019, 29 min

Uri, the director’s brother, was injured during the 2014 Gaza War and found himself transformed from being a self-described “leftist-traitor” to a “national hero” almost overnight. Image of Victory follows Uri’s hospital recovery, personal visits from high profile politicians, entertainers and celebrities ranging from Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon to supermodel Bar Refaeli. The film shows how a private family hardship is turned into a public spectacle, and offers an inside critical look into the way war as a state of mind is shaping Israel as a nation.

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival – Best Film, Audience Award (June 2019) Jerusalem film festival – Best Documentary Short (July 2019) Israeli Documentary Film Awards 2019 – Best Student Film (November 2019)

17-11-2020 16:00,

Language: Hebrew   Subtitles: Polish

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Adi Mishnayot








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