Schächten (A Retribution)  

dir. Thomas Roth, Austria, 2022, 110 min

As a child Victor witnesses the murder of his grandparents by Nazis. His parents and sister were deported to Mauthausen Concentration Camp. From this moment, an 8-year-old Victor is completely alone, forced to hide in the forest. Years after, Victor demand relevant justice, however the accusation of a Nazi crime brought forth by Victor's family unjustly loses in court. The political and legal system in Austria during the 60’s enables entire restitution for committed atrocities and Victor sees no way to obtain due justice under the law. When Victor’s father passes away and his girlfriend's family opposes their relationship, Victor completely loses faith in the system and takes alternative actions.

PARTNER: Österreichisches Kulturforum Warschau

New York Jewish Film Festival 2023, Sacramento Jewish Film Festival 2023, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2023, Jewish Film Festival Australia 2023, LA Jewish Film Festival 2023, Budapesti Zsidó és Izraeli Filmfesztivál - 2022, New York Jewish Film Festival - 2023, San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 2023, Washington Jewish Film Festival - 2023, Yesh! (Zürich) FF - 2023

24-10-2023 20:00, KinoGram

Language: German   Subtitles: Polish and English

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Thomas Roth








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