What You’re Going Through / SHORTS WJFF: FOCUS ON ISRAEL  

dir. Binyamin Haneman, Israel, 2020, 20 min

Benny Haneman the director takes up his camera to explore the love, sadness, jealousy and loyalty that exists between him, his father and his older brother Gidi, who has a complex combination of special needs. For the first time, Haneman comes face to face with the fact that it is his childhood perception of his brother that informs their relationship today. Using his camera and a rich variety of archival footage shot by his father since Gidi’s birth, he creates a safe space in which the father and two brothers can eloquently and intelligently express what they have been going through, over the years.

The film will be shown as part of the program SHORTS WJFF: FOCUS ON ISRAEL, together with:

Requiem For a Fish reż. Gadi Rimer, Izrael 2021, 33'

My first wedding in Leggings, reż. Avigail Graetz, Eietan Herman, Izrael 2021, 10',

16-11-2021 20:15, VOD.Warszawa.pl

Language: Hebrew   Subtitles: Polish

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