White eye (AYN LEVANA)  

dir. Tomer Shushan, Israel, 2019, 21 min

An ordinary situation transforms into a social drama providing insight into the reality of the contemporary Israel, although it could have happened in many corners of the world, too. By accident, the protagonist finds his beloved bike, stolen a month ago. Trying to get it back he launches a chain of events that will soon make him radically question his own actions. Blame in "White Eye" turns out less unambiguous than it seems at the beginning and the punishment is more severe than the crime that was committed. Who really committed it, the apparent thief or the just man? Difficult questions and apt observations gain dynamics thanks to the form of the story, which is narrated in one take. (Cracow FF)

SXSW Film Festival, Narrative Short Competition, USA 2020 – Best Narrative Short Jury Award Lighthouse International Film Festival, USA – Best Narrative Short Film The Galway Film Fleadh – Best International Short Fiction Award Salute Your Shorts Film Festival - LA – The Best of Fest Award Bengaluru International Short Film Festival – SECOND RUNNER UP AWARD Urbanworld FILM FESTIVAL – Best Narrative Short Guanajuato Film Festival – SIGNIS Award

17-11-2020 16:00, WJFF.pl

Language: Hebrew   Subtitles: Polish

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Tomer Shushan









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