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Hollywood’s Second World War

Jascha Hannover, Germany, 2019, 90min

“Hollywood’s Second World War” unveils how film directors of European origin shaped US propaganda during World War II. The film tells the story of four prime Hollywood directors, who returned to the „old continent“ during the war to shoot propaganda documentaries for the US Army. It concentrates on Alsace-born William Wyler, Frank Capra, who was born in Sicily, Anatole Litvak, who stems from the Ukraine and Galicia-born Billy Wilder, whose work took place right after the defeat of the Germans. These four men - three of them of Jewish [...]

16.11, Monday | 20:00 |


Nurith Aviv, Israel, 2019, 60min

Seven young people today tell of their passion for Yiddish poetry written by authors who were about their age between the two world wars. It was a moment of tremendous creative momentum in Yiddish culture. The poetry of those years was universal and intimate at the same time, related to all the literary and artistic currents of the period. They were polyglot and moved from one country to another. "Yiddishland" was not a country, but a language. The film's protagonists, some Jews, some not, also move between countries and languages. They each speak of their personal relationship to Yiddish and to a poet they particularly love. For these young people, this Yiddish poetry does not only belong to a Jewish past, but also allows them to face the present.

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |

Man on the bus

Eve Ash, Australia, 2019, 84min

How does it feel to spend entire life hiding something of great importance from your loved ones? After her mother’s death Australian psychologist and TV producer Eve Ash decided to investigate her seemingly perfect family’s past. Her parents were Holocaust survivors from Poland who started anew in distant Australia. Poring over photos, documents and recordings, interviewing relatives in Europe and USA Eve uncovered all the lies and was forced to rewrite her entire life. This extraordinary documentary proves that truth is easily stranger than fiction.

16.11, Monday | 20:00 |

Hen And the War

Adam Wyżyński, Barbara Głębicka–Giza, Poland, 2020, 44min

Writer Jozef Hen recounts crucial moments of his wartime experiences - bombardment of Warsaw in September ‘39, escape from German invaders to USSR, service in the Red Army, life in Samarkand, subsequent escape to join Anders’ Polish Army. Almost all these events were later utilized in Hen’s screenplays. In the documentary biographical anecdotes have been confronted with fragments of the ‘60. movies “Don Gabriel”, “Unknown”, “No One is Calling”, “April”, “The Cross of Valour”. From Hen’s stories emerges figure of the Wandering Jew, miraculously saved from carnage, pondering over twists of fate and contemplating the world and human beings with gentle detachment.

20.11, Friday | 20:00 |

Einsame Helden

Peter Hartl, Germany, 2020, 43min

They preserved their humanity in inhuman times. They opposed state organized crime with their civil courage. Carefully estimated, 20 000 Germans helped Jews to escape the assassination plan of the Nazis. The documentary, tells some of their stories. Among the people portrayed is the then popular film actor Hans Söhnker who hid persecuted Jews while he was to be seen on the screens of the Nazi film business. Even functionaries of the regime such as Major Karl Plagge or civil engineer Helmut Kleinicke saved Jews from death. Research by ZDF autho[...]

18.11, Wednesday | 20:00 |

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