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Maayan Szwartz, Israel, 2022, 67 min

Story of the children who were brought up in a utopian social experiment where Palestinians and Israelis chose to live together in co-existence. "Oasis of peace" explores what remains of that dream today.
Arabs and Jews have lived in ongoing conflict for over a century. A group of dreamers decided to challenge everything they know about their nationalities and histories and founded Neve Shalom - Oasis of Peace - a village in 1970s Israel designed as a social experiment. The film follows the many children who were brought up in this unique e ... read more

25.10, Wednesday | 18:00 | KINO MURANÓW


HaKoach, Poland, 2023, 50 min

WARSAW PREMIERE! The Pinkus tenement house gives rise to Kościuszki Avenue - the central thoroughfare of downtown Łódź. Before the war, the owners and residents looked out of its windows at the Reform Synagogue opposite. This is one of the many memories of Henryk Panusz, the grandson of Mendel Pinkus - the builder of the largest 19th-century tenement house in Łódź, a retired professor of molecular biology and a social worker. "Genius Loci" is a story about how great dreams and achievements are intertwined with the inexorable reality of t ... read more

29.10, Sunday | 13:00 | JCC Warszawa / JCC Warsaw


Oeke Hoogendijk, Holland, 2022, 71 min

Lous, the mother of filmmaker Oeke Hoogendijk, hasn’t left the house for decades. She has a recurring nightmare in which she doesn’t know how to get home, just like the day when as a Jewish girl she was deported. Scenes which at first sight seem very ordinary—an elderly woman in a living room watching television with her cat—gradually develop into the troubling portrait of an astute woman who has to live each day with the Holocaust as her housemate. Even the Christmas tree, which makes her as happy as a child, still reminds her of th ... read more

24.10, Tuesday | 20:00 | KINO MURANÓW


Shauly Melamed, Israel, 2022, 75 min

Home videos recorded with teenage friends, years later, reveal things we once completely overlooked. Reviewing his own tapes archive led director Shauly Melamed to seek out other individuals from the LGBTQ+ community who, during adolescence, were also fascinated by the camera possibilities. He used the amusing, and sometimes getting today into embarrassment films as a pretext for discussions about discovering one's own identity and reminiscing about complicated family relations. Shauly's companions in this journey to the past include, among oth ... read more

24.10, Tuesday | 19:00 | KinoGram


Zohar Wagner, Israel, 2022, 78 min

This brilliant hybrid documentary, fiction-docu film tells the story of the deadly 1975 Hotel Savoy terror attack in Tel Aviv from the perspective of a forgotten heroine. Filmmaker Zohar Wagner tells the story of Kochava Levy, a young woman of Yemeni descent, who served as mediator between PLO terrorists and the IDF while being held hostage in Tel Aviv – during the deadly 1975 Hotel Savoy terror attack. Over the course of the night she transformed herself into a fearless heroine. The film intertwines rare archival materials that were never ... read more

25.10, Wednesday | 18:00 | KINO MURANÓW

The Assembly: A New Musical Film

Hershey Felder, USA, 2023, 95 min

The Assembly, a film written and directed by Hershey Felder and filmed in Poland, was inspired by the work of Holocaust survivor Eva Libitzky, who lost all of her family in the Holocaust during World War II. For the last 40 years of her life, Libitzky made it her mission to tell her harrowing life story at hundreds of school assemblies to ensure the young people of America never forget what happened in Europe 80 years ago. Libitzky passed away at 97 in 2021, but this new film featuring these eight students will carry on her legacy.

29.10, Sunday | 16:15 | Muzeum POLIN


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