Narrative & Documentary short films


dir. Malcolm Green, UK 2018, 6’, documentary short, music, competition

POLISH PREMIERE EDEK: An 85 year old Holocaust survivor named Janine and a young American rapper named Kapoo collaborate to deliver a Hip Hop message to the youth of the world. A poignant and uniquely challenging fusion of prose, music and rap. For the first time, one of the world’s darkest stories is told in […]

17.11, Sobota | 20:15 | POLIN Museum

Make peace

dir. Marilyne Canto, France 2018, 23’, documentary short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE A portrait of a man who never give up..  Marilyne Canto wanted “to have news from the peace between Israelis and Palestinians, even if those news are not that good, even if pessimism dominates”. More than twenty years after the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (1995), she chose to follow Ofer […]

18.11, Niedziela | 12:00 | POLIN Museum (Screening room A)

On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi

dir. Brandon Gross, Skyler Gross, Canada 2017, 40’, documentary short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE Roman (Popi) and Ruth (Nani) Blank are Holocaust survivors, who have been married for 65 years, but at age 95, Roman reveals a secret to his family that tests their seemingly invincible union – Roman is gay and Ruth has been aware for the majority of their married lives. This film chronicles their […]

16.11, Piątek | 21:00 | PRAHA Cinema

The Giraffe

dir. Anastasia Kirii, Ukraine 2017, 18’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE A little girl from a Jewish family trying to escape to her subconscious from the horrors of the war, but the tough reality breaks through now and then, trying to take away this last source of hope, guarded only by a little toy given once with love. Q&A with filmmakers.  Language: Ukrainian. Subtitles: […]

18.11, Niedziela | 16:30 | POLIN Museum

The Rolling Ground

dir. Simon Cunich, Australia 2018, 14’, narrative short, competition

POLISH PREMIERE A cassette tape and a map send Sarah into the unforgiving Snowy Mountains and into the puzzle of her family’s past. Language: English, Hungarian. Subtitles: English, Polish. 17.11, SATURDAY, POLIN MUSEUM, 16:00, screened before the “BUDAPEST NOIR” movie

17.11, Sobota | 16:00 | POLIN Museum

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