Narrative & Documentary short films


dir. Kieron Quirke, UK 2018, 15 min, narrative short

A darkly witty medieval-era Jewish comedy whose protagonists speak the extinct language of Anglo-Norman Old French. In 12th century York, rabbi Rav Menachem is obliged to marry his brother’s widow, and to meet her sexual needs – a task that plays havoc with his studies. Anxious to get his scholar’s life back, he fashions a […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | JCC WARSZAWA

Almost Liam

dir. Sapir Rokach, Israel 2018, 28 min, documentary short, LGBTQ

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, Liam came out as transgender while she was serving as a woman soldier in the IDF. In this film, which includes private footage, Liam reflects on his journey to manhood before traveling to Germany, where he will undergo gender confirmation surgery. FESTIVALS, AWARDS: Haifa International FF 2018, DOC NYC […]

19.11, Wtorek | 17:00 | JCC Warsaw

Lost and found

dir. Shimon Engel, Ofer Winter, Israel 2019, 4 min, animated short

A young boy gets lost in a busy shopping mall, foreshadowing the story of his falling as a soldier in the Israel-Lebanon War of 1982. Festivals, awards: San Diego Jewish Film Festival, Barcelona Short Film Festival Language: Hebrew. Subtitles: Polish and English 19.11.2019, TUESDAY, JCC Warsaw, 17:00 AM ADMISSION IS FREE. FREE TICKETS CAN BE PICKED […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | JCC Warsaw


dir. Nejemye Tenenbaum, Mexico 2019, 29 min, documentary short

Successful in so many aspects, Israel hasn’t been able to answer the most crucial question of its existence: what to do with 4.2 million Palestinians stranded in the West Bank and Gaza. Is it possible to prolong military occupation, without compromising democratic, Jewish and civic values? Festivals, awards: American Documentary FF Palm Spring 2019 Language: […]

19.11, Wtorek | 17:00 | JCC WARSAW


reż. Shira Porat, Izrael 2018, 18 min, krótka fabuła

Sivan arrives to Lodz, Poland with her short film that was selected to compete in a festival. Being a film student she imagines herself walking on the red carpet and networking with producers. In reality, however, Sivan has to acknowledge the humongous gap between her and the glorious filmmaker of her dreams. Language: Hebrew, English, […]

01.01, Czwartek | 00:00 | JCC Warszawa

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