More Alive than Dead

reż. Tzachi Schiff, Izrael / Argentyna / Francja 2017, 66’


Some say he's a genius: That he was a hundred years ahead of his time; That he released humanity from the shackles of oppression, religion and hypocrisy. Others say he swindled “his” theories from others; that he was a con-man and a greedy liar that actually polluted humanity’s moral values. This film exposes – for the first time ever -the unconscious of the person who conceived the unconscious. Please welcome - Sigmund Freud.

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2017, UK Jewish FF 2017

Language: English. Subtitles: Polish. More Alive Than Dead - Trailer from Movie Discovery on Vimeo.

25 November, SATURDAY, POLIN Museum, 7:00pm

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